New Release | Viber Channel Support - Engage+

Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps in the Philippines and we have added this as a new channel in Engage+. This will help multinational companies such as Petron, Shell, Abbot, etc. to target customers where Viber is popular.



Capillary will provide the brands with the subscription API (Update Subscriptions) to capture Viber consent. This API can be used to update consent that can be captured from the customer from different channels such as:

  1. Point of Sale where the cashier updates it on behalf of the customer

  2. Missed call to a phone number

  3. Microsite where customer can provide consent that can be distributed as a Campaign or through in-store QR Code scan.

  4. During the registration flow through a website or app.

For a detailed release notes, see Engage+ | Jan 2020 Releases.

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