New Releases | APIs to upload coupons, Revoke issued coupon, Limit messages to send, Track links in outbound messages


The following are releases.

  • Upload coupon codes & customers in Coupon Series through API: Introduced a new API to upload coupon codes and customers to a coupon series and can automate the process. For details, see the release note.

  • Revoke coupons issued to specific customers: Introduced an option in the revoke console to revoke coupons issued to specific customers. For details, see the release note.

  • Communication limits on customers: Introduced a configuration of communication limits that is applicable to only outbound campaigns where an upper limit can be set up to limit the number of messages a user can get in a day, week, or month. For details, see the release note.

  • Track links sent in outbound messages on Google Analytics using UTM parameters limits on customers: Orgs commonly use analytics software like Google Analytics to add destination URLs with “UTM Parameters.” Google Analytics offers an option to add a maximum of five parameters, of which three of them are mandatory. For details, see the release note.

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