New audience filter - Earned Promotions


We offer various types of filters to create audience lists.  This helps you target a precise set of audience to get more engagement and ROI on campaigns. Certain categories of filters are Promotion based, Loyalty based, User Profile based, Transaction based etc. We continuously try to add valid filters so that brands can have more edges while creating an target audience base for campaigns.

Problem Statement

To increase customer engagement, brands run various promotions and set up rules for users to earn those promotions. In order to leverage this construct, and increase user loyalty - brands want to engage with specific users who have earned respective promotions. Brands want to run specialized campaigns for earned promotion users, and remind them about the promotions. 

Earlier, we were not supporting filters for targeting promotions earned users.


We have introduced a new filter, “Promotions Earned” in the Audience Manager.

  • Promotions Earned - The filter will target the audience who earned promotions during a specific period.

Example:  Filter users who have earned promotions more than 3 times in July month.
Consider Zoha has earned 2 promotions on July 7, and 3 promotions on July 10, and Raj has earned 1 promotion on July 10.
Who will make it to the filter list? - Zoha; As we want a user who has earned more than 3 promotions in the selected time range.