New releases/enhancements made


WhatsApp channel support in campaigns and loyalty program

Engage+ now supports WhatsApp as a native channel for Broadcast Campaign messages. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app since the last 10 years with a Monthly Active User base of 1.6 Billion. Below features makes this channel more interactive and efficient:

  • Rich media messaging such as text, video, location, picture, voice, document, buttons etc.
  • Reliable delivery report information eg: sent, delivered, read etc.
  • Higher and faster delivery and read rate than other channels.
  • Official certified account, higher user trust.

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Filter customer redemptions on the basis of store ID in GET customer redemption API

If you want offers at the OU level, create the coupon at the respective OU level and claim it. The same applies at the Org level also.

As a brand user, I would like to 

  • create and claim offers at the OU level.
  • redeem offers created at the OU level and claim at respective OUs.
  • have visibility of all the offers of all the OUs at the Org level.
  • have designated reports for incentive modules for each OU.

For more information, see here.

Fetch customer redemptions API to filter redemptions of a particular store

We have introduced a new field in the information tab, ‘ Campaign using this offer’ and ‘Program using this offer’, which displays the name of the Campaign or Program that claimed the offer.

For more details, see here.

Enhanced Drag & Drop editor for email campaigns

An enhanced Drag-and-drop editor for emails to improve the overall user experience and ease the content editing experience. You can now see the following improvements -

  • Title- Title as a block has been introduced in the Content block of the drag and drop editor. This helps in establishing a hierarchy in the content while creating an email. 
  • Paragraph- You can see it in the the Content block of the drag and drop editor. You can use any number of paragraphs of any length that share the same content formatting, such as font family, font size, and font weight. 
  • List- You can see it in the Content block of the editor. It provides specialized support lists with improved styling options, font management, copy-paste operations, and formatting options same as the Paragraph block.

For more details, see here.

DND customer database enhancements

Brands or Gateway companies did not have direct access to the DND customer database. The current DND status against any customer profile in Capillary database is not accurate.

We have made the following changes in Engage+ due to above mentioned reasons:

  • Change 1: Through Engage+ brand can reach out to all customers and won’t honor the current NDNC status in Capillary’s database.
  • Change 2: Removed the option of “Send to NDNC customers” from Campaign Message delivery settings.
  • Change 3: Removed NDNC related filters from Audience Manager.

For more details, see here.

New filters in Audience Manager

To boost customer engagement through campaigns, we offer various types of filters to help the user in targeting a precise audience set. We continuously try to add valid filters so that brands can have more edges while creating an audience base for running campaigns.

  • Shopped for distinct products/categories/attributes

    This lets you filter audience who have shopped a particular product (Item) n times in different transactions.

    For more details, see Shopped for distinct Product/Category/Attribute

  • Average Item Value:

    This lets you filter out audience on their average spent on selected items.

    For more details, see the Average item value filter.

  • Favorite product at the item level

    This lets you filter out audience on their absolute amount spent on respective selected items.
    For more details, see Favorite Product at the Item Level.

Rich Communication Service (RCS) - Launching soon!

As the name suggests, RCS Messaging is a next gen messaging protocol aimed to replace SMS with a richer text system. With this you can leverage the features of popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger delivered via the default SMS messaging app.

Excited to try it out? You can grab a chance to get early access. Just click on the link and stay ahead of the curve by enrolling. It’s that easy.

So what are you waiting for, Let’s get goin’ !!

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New points ledger APIs to show ledger information and ledger balance

How do you manage complex operations on the huge pool of points that you have? Introducing Points Ledger for you!!

What is Points Ledger ?

Brands or customers treat points incentives as a currency. Hence, it becomes important for you to know credits, debits and adjustments that impact the "pool" of points in a customer account. Points' Ledger helps you track all points related entries of a customer in one place.

Like any other ledger, you can allow customers to view their points account with list of all events grouped in a logical manner to make sense of what has happened with their points. 

  • API to fetch Points Ledger Entries - Fetch the list of events and the ledger entries corresponding to those events. Find out more details here.
  •  Get the details of points' ledger balance of a customer for each category for a given date. Find out more details here. 

For more details, see here.

Code linked promotions for both loyalty and non-loyalty customers

Issue promo code to your loyal or anonymous customers via partners or physical coupons to improve engagement & acquisition. 

For example, ZN34C - Get 10% off on a bill more than 100$ 

Promo code linked promotions are mainly for driving coalition led acquisition or incentivizing users by issuing physical coupons that can be redeemed irrespective of the customer’s loyalty status. These can also be used as influencer code.

Presenting a new type of Cart Promotion called Code Linked Promotions in the Promotion Engine. As the name suggests, brands can now issue Promotional Codes to the customers which can be availed at the time of checkout or billing based on code validation.

For more details, see here.


Mobile view support for  Insights+ reports

Now access Capillary's insightful reports - "anytime and anywhere on your mobile devices''. This release marks the entry of Capillary's Core Products in the mobile UI world.

With the release of Mobile View of these reports, users can be more efficient in accessing the insights via Insights+ reports.

You can access Reports via Mobile by opening the Intouch module directly on the mobile browser or by clicking on View Report on Scheduled Reports email in your mobile.

Customer Data Platform

OAuth2 Sign-in for customer apps

Brands want to allow their customers to access their information/ perform certain actions with the brand from 3rd party partner applications. The customer should be able to access their data with the brand from a brand’s application or an external partner’s application.  

Customer Apps can now use OAuth2 Authorization Code flow to get access to customers’ data from Capillary on behalf of the brand. This helps in enhanced security via a standard auth flow.

For more details, see here.

New API to fetch transactions of a user group

You can now show all transactions of a group in customer facing applications. Loyalty details like points issued against each transaction, their expiry details can also be viewed. This is highly useful for both B2B group accounts and B2C user groups to fetch the transaction history of the group and the loyalty details for each transaction.  

For more details, see here.

Sign in to InTouch using a Google workspace account

When you want to issue Goodwill points to a customer, you need to search for the customers using mobile number, email id, external id or name. However, for a card linked loyalty program, you need to search a customer using their card details and then issue points from the program that is linked to the card. 

Now, you can use card number and card external ID to identify a customer. If you enter card details, the linked loyalty program will be selected automatically in the Program ID field. You can also select a different program.

For details, see here.

View Supplementary Program details on Member Care

In Member Care Customer Single View page, there is an option to view the list of supplementary or external programs a customer is associated with as of current system date.

Even before the release, you could see the current program linked to the customer with some some additional useful information. This release shows even more details such as 

name of the supplementary or external programs the customer is currently part of 

  • The ID associated with the program
  • The membership ID (if any) of the customer in the program
  • The name of tier (if any) the customer belongs to in the external program
  • Tier expiry date (if any)
  • Current status (always active as of now)

For more details, see here.

Issue Goodwill points to card in Member Care

Card number and Card External Id support is added to issue goodwill points on Member Care. Based on the card details entered, the linked loyalty program is automatically selected in the Program ID field. If required you can still choose to select a different program other than the one linked with the card. 

For more details, see here.

Send SMS communication via. API through OU specific sender ID

Enhancement in v1.1/communications/sms API to include sender ID (sender) from which you want to send SMS. 

  • If no sender ID is passed, the default sender ID of the org will be used. 
  • If an invalid sender ID (sender ID not configured in the org) is passed, the default sender ID of the org will be used. 

For more details, see here.

Send email communication API to support image attachments

With this release, user groups are automatically added to the default loyalty program at the time of group creation. All the loyalty details like group slab, and points are shown with the right values.

For more details, click here


Notifications to brand POCs when coupon issual reaches a certain threshold

When the issual limit is exhausted, end-users (brand’s audience) will not receive any offer in spite of the brand explicitly communicating about the offer. There are cases where brands wish to increase the issual limit if the campaign is getting good engagement.

We have introduced a new field, Send notification for issual limit which will allows user to get notification when there are certain (user input) coupons remaining.

For more details, see here.

Offer information to show campaign or loyalty program that claimed it

Fetch customer coupons API to filter by active coupons that are redeemed or not redeemed, and expired coupons that are expired coupons that are redeemed or not redeemed.

For more details, see here.

Enhancements in Fetch customer coupons API

Introduced new values in the `status`  query parameter to filter coupons on basis of

  • active_redeemed - Active coupons which are redeemed.
  • active_unredeemed - Active coupons which are not redeemed.
  • expired_redeemed - Expired coupons that are redeemed. 
  • expired_unredeemed - Expired coupons that are not redeemed.

For more details, see here.