Release Summary

Enhanced Drag & Drop Email Editor

An enhanced Drag-and-drop editor for emails to improve the overall user experience and ease the content editing experience. You can now see the following improvements -


Title as a block has been introduced in the Content block of the drag and drop editor. This helps in establishing a hierarchy in the content while creating an email. 

Options like Title property is used to select a proper heading style 

  • Flexible styling: You can now apply the styles such as text direction, alignment, font size and so on to the whole block.
  • Different styles for desktop and mobile mode: Using two separate Title blocks and applying the hide on desktop/mobile setting, you can have titles with the same title tag but with different font styling. This comes super-handy if you need to differentiate title size and style on mobile and desktop, while keeping the same heading tag.


You can see it in the the Content block of the drag and drop editor. You can use any number of paragraphs of any length that share the same content formatting, such as font family, font size, and font weight. 

The Paragraph content block is also encoded with parameters to manage copy-paste operations better with other block options to improve the formatting.


You can see it in the Content block of the editor. It provides specialized support lists with improved styling options, font management, copy-paste operations, and formatting options same as the Paragraph block.

It provided a more granular control over list formatting that may have different design requirements than general text.

Option of indentations, spacing and list types have also been added to improve the experience. To manage numbered list in a better way, you will also have Advanced options like “Start from” option to choose where to start numbering from.

Connect with your customers on WhatsApp


  • WhatsApp has an active user base of around 1.6 billion. It allows brands to send marketing messages to your customers over WhatsApp since Oct 2021. 
  • WhatsApp has the fastest delivery and better read rate as compared to other similar channels.
  • The following WhatsApp features helps in innovating campaign better and hence Capillary clients are looking for this channel:
    • Use multiple media formats such as texts, images, audio, call to action buttons, and product catalog.
    • Track WhatsApp campaigns to know the count of messages that were sent, delivered and read.
    • Send promotional and transactional content
    • Use segmented audience, personalization tags
    • Two  way communication such as customer support
    • Online commerce activities

Changes made in Engage+

  • You can now create WhatsApp message content templates in Engage+. These templates will be sent to WhatsApp for approval by Capillary.
  • Once whitelisted you can see the approved templates in Engage+. When creating campaigns, you can  select from these approved content templates. 
  • In the selected template, you can only edit the variable part of the template. Various checks such as variable length, using only registered Header, Template id etc. are in place.
  • You can also see the templates that are awaiting for approval or rejected.
  • Using verified Official WhatsApp account increases customers' trust.


  • No need to maintain templates at two places - BSP portal and Capillary.
  • Reduces redundancy and time from manually copying and pasting from different portals. Hence, minimizes manual errors. 
  • Stops message from sending if there is a mismatch between template and message content for a customer
  • User doesn't need to download the customer segment list with other information such as tags (key - value pair) and share it every time with BSP
  • Campaign stats such as delivery reports, hit rate, incremental sales etc. are available. For these reports BSP will have to do POS/ website integration.


Fill this form and Gateways team will coordinate with BSPs.


  • We are integrated with two BSPs – Twilio and Tanla/ Karix. We are ready to integrate with any other client preferred BSP provided they have the desired APIs. 
  • Pricing strategy can be discussed with Pratik/ Siddhant Jain/ Bhuvanesh/ Rahul Ashok/ Deepak Kumar

Whatsapp Number

Client can use a new or exiting number. If existing number is being used with non-capillary supported BSP then the number can be ported.

Feature Details

Setup & Prerequisites

  • Org needs to register itself with BSP’s that capillary support. Currently we have two - Twilio and Tanla/ Karix.
  • To enable WhatsApp channel for an Org there are certain information/ keys required.
    • For Twilio we need SID, Auth Token and Messaging service SID.
    • For Tanla we need Auth/ Account key and sender id 
  • Once the Org has above information, the same can be shared with Gateways team, who will help in onboarding

Feature usage guide

A. Creating templates in Capillary Engage+

Orgs that are WhatsApp channel will be able to create WhatsApp template in the Creatives section as shown below:

The whitelisted templates are pulled from WhatsApp directly as soon as these are approved. User will not have to wait or keep checking on BSP portal to understand template status.

For more details, see here.

B. Selecting and Using Approved Templates

  • Once the template is approved by WhatsApp all the templates will be shown in the Creatives > Whatsapp section > Status: Approved 
  • In the campaign creation flow, while adding creative users can select any of the approved template.
  • Selecting the template will open the edit WhatsApp screen. However, in the edit screen, only the variable portion of the template can be edited.
  • The variables can be replaced with static text or labels. 

C. Post campaign execution

  • Delivery reports will be visible on campaign summary page, message summary page and EI.  

Use Cases supported by Engage+

  • Notifications/ Promotional Messages
  • Account Updates
  • Alerts
  • Customer Support
  • Order Confirmation

Supporting Loyalty Messages and Chatbot

1. CRM related bot
Here the bot will answer simple queries of the customer eg: how many points I have, when is my coupon getting expired, share all the active coupons I have, share store location etc.
In this case, Bot needs to call our Get Customer Details API and get the desired information. If any other API has the information which is being requested, the same can be shared.
Have we done this before? Yes, for Arrow brand.

Kanmo Chatbot:

2. Loyalty Message:
All standard events (transaction or customer) are posted on Event Schema Payload.

If any brand wants to send a message on any event mentioned above then:
1. Bot will have to understand when an event is happening, they can create a Webhook to understand this info. 
Based on the information being passed in the event they can send a Whatsapp message (template need to be whitelisted) to the end customer.

Eg: If a transaction event happened and amount and bill number are the parameters being passed in the event. Bot can send message "Dear customer, thank you for paying {{amount}} for {{bill number}}"

This message "Dear customer, thank you for paying {{1}} for {{2}}" will be created and whitelisted. We will provide access to our event payload.

Have we done this before?

Yes, for our sales demos we sent notifications on customer_registration and transaction_add. The particular Webhook was created by our solutions team.
This particular integration effort is supported outside of our core Loyalty platform. So, for every brand and every event there is a small re-integration effort required.
For effort estimates, please reach out to the PSV team.

How to help your brands in making the decision?

  • Ask them what's their use case, most of our brand >90% business is offline. So customer support, post sales service etc. don't apply to them.
  • They will get a good hit rate if they send personalized promotional messages through E+.
  • Our current BSP partner also supports two-way communication/ BOT flow (it can range from simple use case as described in point 1 to complex ecom ones)
  • Brands can explore Capillary recommended BSP but it's best to start slow, then can first test with promotional content and keep adding more use cases as they see this channel working for them.