Enhancements made

Enhancements in Coupons Claimed Information


For any coupon series created, we display information such as configuration details, last issued, last redeemed, redemption rate, and so on. Currently, we also explicitly show if the created coupon series is claimed or not, and if claimed then by which type of Campaign is claimed.

Problem Statement

There are various campaigns running, in which there can be various messages and offer series is claimed for it. Currently, we only show whether it is claimed either by Outbound or Loyalty. It does not help the user to identify which particular campaign/program has claimed it and the user needs to go through each campaign and figure it out. This would have a negative impact in the user experience, also decrease the productivity of users.

Major Pain Points

  • Difficulty in finding the exact campaign/program which has claimed the offer series.
  • Difficulty in cross-checking the information with campaign/program details and offer series.


We have introduced a new field in the information tab, ‘ Campaign using this offer’ and ‘Program using this offer’ This shows the name of the Campaign or Program which has claimed the offer.

  • If the offer is claimed by an outbound campaign, then you will see the name of the campaign that claimed the offer.

  • If the offer is claimed by Loyalty, you will see the name of the program that claimed the offer.

Use Cases

  • Users will be able to find the campaign/program which has claimed the particular coupon series.
  • It will be easy for the user to debug if any issues come regarding issual and redemption of coupon series by cross-checking easily with campaign/program details.

For details on how to view offer details, see here.

Enhancement in Customer Redemptions API


Through Customer Redemptions API call, users can retrieve the points and coupons redemption history of a customer. User can use various parameters to filter the results by type, duration, coupon ids start with, and coupon ids end with. 

Problem Statement

Currently, we are not able to filter customer redemptions on basis of the store. Brands having various stores and merchant stores require to filter the customer details at the store level so that adequate information is passed to respective store staff.


We have introduced a new query parameter (`merchant_store_id`) in the coupon redemption API to filter redemptions made in a specific merchant store. 

For details, see Customer Redemptions API.

Use Cases

  • Brands can show customer redemptions of the respective stores on the system/mobile application/web app.
  • With the help of the store parameter, brands can protect the data of different stores and control the information.
  • Store staff to easily browse customer redemption history for the respective store.
  • If brands have various merchant stores, then the customer redemptions of only that particular merchant store can be availed.

New values supported in the status parameter of V2 GET customers/coupons API


Brands issue various coupons to customers for keeping them engaged and increase their frequency of transactions. Brands intend to remind and inform customers about their redeemed coupons, available coupons codes, expired coupons, details of the offers, etc. so that customers have all the necessary information.

Problem statement

We did not have support to provide coupon codes information on basis of the relevant status of coupons issued to customers. This was creating a blocker for brands, as they were not able to show:

  • Active coupons which are redeemed and not redeemed.
  • Expired coupons which are redeemed and not redeemed. 

The goal here is to provide information to customers regarding their issued coupons and relevant offer-related information. 


We have launched new values in the `status`  query parameter to filter coupons on basis of

  • active_redeemed - Active coupons which are redeemed.
  • active_unredeemed - Active coupons which are not redeemed.
  • expired_redeemed - Expired coupons that are redeemed. 
  • expired_unredeemed - Expired coupons that are not redeemed.

Use cases

  • Enables brands to show filter coupon codes for each customer by active, expired with redeemable status.
  • Brands will be able to display desired set of coupons on their Mobile App/Web App/System and enable customers with more information. For example, brands can display active_redeemabe coupons to each customer on the brand’s mobile app and nudge customers to redeem them.

For details on how to use the new parameter values, see GET v2/customers/coupons API