Link tracking helps brands to capture metrics of how many users have clicked on a link and the total number of clicks on a link. This adds value as an important metric for brands to understand the performance of their campaigns.  

For more details, see here.

Error details for messages not sent

For messages sent through campaigns, you can now see the error details if there are messages that were not sent for any reason. This helps you understand whether the message has failed at the gateway partner or even before sending it to the gateway partner. It provides you with the probable reason so that you can debug the issue.

This is not just for SMS or email communication, it works for any communication channel supported in Engage+.

To view error details of a failed message, just navigate to the message and click on View details of the failed ones.

For more details, see here.


Personal Loyalty assistant

The new Loyalty+ interface now supports Capillary Suggestions to help you

  • Ensure that all basic program components are setup well and running smoothly.
  • Spot long standing trends and sudden anomalies in your program KPIs.

Support for Combo offers in Cart Promotion

You can now run better discounts with the support of combo offers. For example, you can now define conditions where you could check expressions for SKU1 and SKU2 independently. 

  • Get chai & Samosa at 20% discount
  • Buy iPhone and iWatch and get a screen guard free
  • Buy a shirt and a jeans trouser and get 50% off on shoes

For more details, see here.

Discounts to non-loyalty customers

You can now use Promotion Engine to extend discounts and rebates to non-loyalty and anonymous customers. This not only helps in boosting cross-selling and upselling of products but also increases conversion. 

For example : You want to give Free Parking to all the customers visiting your store irrespective of their loyalty status. Promotion Engine makes it possible.

Discounts Based on Payment Modes

Your brand might need to promote a specific payment mode or have tie ups with banks or payment providers. With the addition of tender based discount, you can now provide instant rebates to your consumers on the payment mode. You can completely customize it to any level. 

For example, you can issue 10% discount to customers of Bangalore location who shopped using ABC bank credit card.


Custom and extended fields support for Cards

You can now use card custom fields for capturing information like card delivery address, chip information, state, or PIN code. If reporting is needed on values, you can use extended fields.

For more details, see here.

Sender Authentication to push Behavioral events to Capillary

You can now secure your Webhook with authentication. The added layer of authentication is extremely helpful in preventing fraud or abuse of data, especially when your brand uses behavioral events to reward customers with points or coupons.

For more details, see Authentication for Behavioral Events

For API release updates, see here.


Mobile view support for Insights+ reports

Now access Capillary's insightful reports - "anytime and anywhere on your mobiles''. The release of Mobile view for Insight+ reports marks the entry of Capillary's Core Products in the mobile UI world.

With the release of Mobile View of these reports, users can be more efficient in accessing the insights via Insights+ reports.

For detailed release notes, see here.

Explore mode enhancements

To make Explore Mode much more intuitive and user-friendly, we have made the following enhancements to different sections of Explore mode.

  • Toggle button to enable users to apply a specific option across all KPIs
  • Visibility of KPIs and attributes
  • Prioritization of KPIs and attributes
  • Apply time-based dimension to all KPIs just with a single click
  • Inverting rows and columns in Pivot Table
  • Ability to add custom date for time-based dimensions
  • Ability to include or exclude a specific filter from a KPI (variable KPIs)

For more details, see here.