Introduction to loyalty program

For any brand, it is important to acquire new customers to promote growth, motivate existing customers to keep engaged with the brand, and treat customers differently according to their loyalty value. Hence, rewarding plays a key role in any loyalty program.  

Loyalty programs offer a structured way to reward customers. While they can be effective and encouraging, customer loyalty programs are nothing new. But, the idea is to go beyond the transactions to elevate the customer experience level. The majority of the brands have some type of loyalty program for their customers.

This gesture of exchange favors the desired behaviors and encourages repeat sales. It helps brands to collect customer data for marketing and other purposes. It also helps in boosting customer loyalty towards the brand. 

Loyalty programs are not only beneficial for customers who frequently interact with the brand, but also motivates them to make transactions regularly. It is more of a customer retention strategy to encourage customers to continue buying from a brand rather than considering a new option. 

These programs emerged as the most effective tactics to keep customers engaged with the brand and generate revenue. 

Even some analysis says that loyalty programs have shown some outstanding results in the past. Studies have also observed that the ability to earn rewards has created a change in the consumers' spending behavior.

According to stats, 84% of all consumers tend to continue with a brand that offers a loyalty program. Hence, it is necessary for a brand to invest in programs like loyalty.  

The more a customer transacts with the brand, the more the benefits he could earn through the reward system. To build trust and motivate repeat purchases, brands can offer points or additional benefits to their customers. In return, customers will get extra discounts, free products, or insider perks.

Introduction to Capillary Loyalty+

Capillary Loyalty + is a web-based platform that provides an end-to-end Loyalty Management solution for businesses, enterprises, startups, and agencies. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

This AI-powered acquisition system helps reward customers in a personalized manner and keeps their interactions intact. It also assists in campaign performance and promotions. 

The tool leverages customer insights to support transactions and other customer activities across sources such as InStore and mobile app.

 Enabling complete flexibility on tier upgrade/downgrade , points allocation, coupons expiry, and other promotions with benefits, it allows highly customizable rule configurations to trigger relevant actions.

With the support of multi-channels, it allows notifying customers about loyalty activities and actions through channels such as SMS, Email, WeChat and Push notification.

The wide spectrum to support its functionality, the platform is best suited for many verticals and organizations with any business model such as Fuel Retails, Consumer Durable, and Electronics, Hospitality, Beauty, Footwear, and Accessories, and many more.