Link tracking for SMS


Link tracking helps brands to capture metrics of how many users have clicked on a link and the total number of clicks on a link. This adds value as an important metric for brands to understand the performance of their campaigns. 

Until now, we have supported link tracking only for the emails. We now extend the functionality to track links in SMSes.

Problem statement

The link(s) added in SMS are currently not tracked, and brands do not have visibility if users have clicked on the link and subsequently there is less information to conclude campaign performance. 


Users have to raise a request to the Capillary team to get SMS link tracking feature enabled for the brand. Post that,

users will be able to track the following metrics of SMS links on Insights+.

  • Unique Click Count - Get the number of unique clicks on the link.
  • Total Click Count  - Get the number of total clicks on the link.

Users can add a communication channel as a dimension to get data for each communication channel.

In India, as there is DLT compliance, users need to ensure the following guidelines while enabling tracking for links in SMS -

  • The users need to add the link in {#var#} tag only so that the whitelisted template does not get affected. This is due to DLT compliance restriction and hence adding links outside {#var#} tag will result in template mismatch leading to delivery failure. 
  • If there are any recurring messages that have links in SMS, the link has to be added in the {#var#} tag. This is due to DLT compliance, and adding links outside {#var#} tag will result in template mismatch leading to delivery failure.
  • If there are templates set for coupon expiry reminder or resend messages and has links, these links must be added in the {#var#} tag, otherwise the campaign will fail once the feature gets enabled for your ORG.

Please note the following points -

  • The system replaces the mentioned link with an internal tiny URL.
  • The link added by the user will be transformed, that is the appearance of the link which has to be tracked would change. For example, if the link is www.google.com, it would be changed to s.cplry.com/7383936D89.
  • The changing of the link would also affect the characters of the SMS script. The replaced link would be 20-22 characters in length and hence the SMS character count can be changed by 15 characters (either add or remove). This could also affect the credits used for a particular SMS script.

Use cases and benefits

  • SMS is a widely used channel and hence with link tracking, it gives brands more insights into their campaign performance. Leverage better campaign results by comparing link clicks and user behavior against their transactions.
  • In the SMS channel, we cannot directly capture the open rate of an SMS and hence links help in estimating user engagement.

For details on how to configure link tracking, see here.

View details of messages that are not sent post execution

Earlier, post message execution we displayed the ‘Not Sent’ category split, which included only the reasons why messages were not pushed to the delivery system (Gateways). 

The status of what happened after this handover or why messages were not delivered was missing.

The CS/ IM/ Gateway team used to receive multiple tickets asking reasons for low delivery. 

We have made changes so that visibility for both “Not-send” and “Not-delivered” messages is provided directly to users. We hope this will reduce the tickets and back and forth questions.

Below changes can be seen in product:

  • Percentage of ‘Non-Delivered’ messages with a “View Details” Link.

  •  Details can be read from the page which open after clicking on ‘View Details’ link.

  • Details are elaborated so that users can self understand the issues.

Reasons for Not sending to Gateways partner

  • Capillary was not able to submit messages to Gateway Partner.
  • Gateway partner didn’t accept messages in expected time so connection failed.
  • Gateway partner's response regarding submitted messages was incomprehensible.
  • Gateway partner retried but failed.
  • Gateway partner tried but couldn’t submit delivery status to Capillary due to configuration issues.
  • Org is out of credits for sending communication messages.
  • Customers have unsubscribed from the channel, hence can’t be reached.
  • Contact Capillary Gateway team.
  • Customers skipped due to validation issues.

Reasons for messages Not getting delivered from Gateways partner/ Operator

  • Message to be shown on UI
  • Customer is in the National Do Not disturb list
  • Messages are submitted to Gateway partner waiting for response
  • Gateway Partner has confirmed the message can’t be delivered. Could be due to internet issues, blocking etc.
  • Messages can’t be delivered due to error related to DLT SenderId    
  • Message can’t be delivered due to an error related to DLT Template    
  • Emails can’t be delivered due to unavailability of user mailbox    
  • Emails can’t be delivered due to invalid email id    
  • Gateway Partner was not able to send messages, can be intermediate or final status.

Unknown Delivery Details

  • Delivery details are not shared for Promotional/ Numeric sender id by Operators as per TRAI rule.

For details on how to view details of messages that are not sent post execution, click here.