This notebook aims to track users across different recency and frequency segments for two different periods. This analysis will give us the number of users across each segment and how it has changed between the two periods.

Steps to run Notebook

  1. Enter the Org ID, First Period End Date, and Second Period End Date for which you want the movement.
  2. For recency, input the number of segments you want to keep. Provide recency cuts in descending order with a zero at the end. For example, if you have 4 recency cuts and their respective recency is 100,200,300, then the input to cuts of recency would be approximately 300,200,100,0.
  3. Input the respective names to the recency cuts in the same order as recency cuts.
  4.  For frequency, each user is tagged as either one-timer or repeater and then their movement is tracked.


  • The final output of movement for recency and frequency is in commands 30 and 31 respectively.
  • Download the full user list with tags for recency and frequency for both the periods from command 29 and plan engagement strategy for them based on their movement.

Notebook Links

Open your cluster-specific link provided for the Notebook.

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