Does DLT templates stored in Capillary allow special characters and regional language text?

Special Characters and Regional language are allowed even in Capillary templates. These need to be less than 30 characters if added in place of {{#var}} or it can be part of the static text approved from DLT. The 'Allow unicode characters' feature takes care of this. It is turned on by default. Screen reader support enabled.

Can we reach out to NDNC customers with a template with optout tag?

Reaching out to NDNC customers is directly handled by Telecom Operators - Airtel, Vodafone, Jio etc. The customers directly apply for NDNC to these operators. There are some extra settings, for example, customer can apply for NDNC but can wish to be reached out on certain days or time period. All this will be unknown to Capillary/ Gateway Partner/ Brand. So adding optout tag or not adding is irrelevant for NDNC. We can send entire customer list to operators and they can filter NDNC by their own. Screen reader support enabled.

In general, users copy and paste the templates from vendor portal to excel where space issues may occur. How to handle this?

We cannot handle space issues with static text. If space in coming in {#Var} field or just before it or after, it will be taken as 1 character. It is advisable that the excel downloaded from DLT portal is uploaded directly to Engage+. Copy/ pasting templates in excel or manual creation of DLT template upload excel is not advisable as error can occur not only in the template content but also other properties like template ID.

How can we target NDNC users?

NDNC targeting can happen in the following way now.
Suppose, Person1 is an NDNC customer. No brands can reach out to Person1 and this will be handled directly by operators as Person1 would have applied for DND with operators.
But Brand A collected Person1 consent against service explicit or promotional messages. Consent can be collected through microsite signup/ missed call or manual signing consent form etc.
Then, Brand A will upload Person1's name and Phone number in 'consent customer details' to DLT.
This list will overwrite the DND status DLT has for Person1 and is valid only for 6 months. Consent need to be refreshed after 6 months.
DLT will then send messages from Brand A only (for rest brands it remain DND).