To access the AIRA dashboard:

  1. Log on to InTouch of your cluster (APAC, Europe, and India) and navigate to Menu > AIRA Dashboard.
  2. Select your organization (only for users who have access to multiple orgs). Else, the org is selected by default. 
  3. AI Models Dashboard

 This shows the snapshot of status of all models of the org.

When new models are available for the organization, a note is displayed with the number of models available as highlighted in the preceding screenshot.

The significance of each model status is as described in the following table.

LiveThe model is active and running currently. Live models are ready to use by the organization.
In ProgressThis indicates two possibilities - when the source data is under validation or the model is under training.
Action NeededThis indicates two possibilities for models post data validation
- the data validation is incomplete and need to be fixed or
- the data validation is complete and awaiting training.
Not InitiatedIt indicates that the model has been selected for the org but not initiated.