Release Date: September 2021


Source value rounding in points allocation

Release Date: September 1, 2021

Earlier, orgs could only round off the points post allocation. This release allows brands to round off the source value used for points allocation. 


  • Applicable for:
    • Transactions points allocation
    • Allocate points
  • Users can now handle the rounding scenarios in a better way. We have added another field titled Source Value Rounding Strategy by which one can round off the Line Item quantity before allocating points.
  • This has the same 3 options as points rounding strategy i.e. Actual, Floor & Round. Rounding will apply based on the unit step function. For example, if the strategy selected is Floor and the quantity is 3.3 liter, points will are issued for 3 liters, if 2.7 Kg then points will be issued for 2 kg. 
  • When returned, the deducted points are the same as allocated and not on the actual quantity (only complete return scenarios to be handled now).

Restrict one customer to one supplementary program

Release Date: September 20, 2021

Problem Statement

Brands could create multiple supplementary programs and link or subscribe a customer into multiple programs but customers could not be restricted to being part of only one supplementary program.


Brands can now restrict the customer to one supplementary program at a particular point in time. They can also enable auto-delink from the existing program if the customer upgrades or switches to another program. 

Marvel support for email and externalID for customer identifiers

Release Date: September 3, 2021

Earlier we could just use mobile as an identifier to issue Marvel rewards, but now we have extended the support for  externalId, and email in APIs besides mobile.

User Group Loyalty


User group loyalty allows an org to incentivize not only its customers but also incentivize other orgs that contribute to their profits. It is a customer retention solution with custom group structures and includes generic loyalty mechanics which helps an org to establish brand loyalty.

The existing user group programs (B2C or friends and family programs) only cater to customers and include family members and friends of these customers. These groups have a primary member who can redeem points and secondary members as well. In the B2C model, with the help of the Engage+ platform, orgs are able to directly benefit the primary member of the group, ignoring the secondary members. B2C model has only one primary member with multiple secondary associated. 

The B2B user group programs aim to involve all members in the group actively by incentivizing everyone based on their roles in the group. B2B user group programs also include all the functionalities of the existing B2C programs. 

Problem Statement

Earlier, only the primary member of the group could enjoy the loyalty benefits and user group loyalty was limited to only B2C scenarios.


This release introduces an enhancement where an org can directly incentivize another company for transacting with them. With this update, not only the primary member of the group, but all individuals associated with the group can contribute and enjoy the loyalty benefits. For more details, see User Group Loyalty.