Multilingual content support for cart promotions and stories 

Brands having web and mobile properties require certain content to be displayed in multiple languages especially offers and other meta-like stores. Apart from just English, you can now add configs and meta information in multiple languages.

For more details, see here.

MLP scope support in campaigns

To bring in more focus for the brand users and avoid additional fiction, it is required to allow users to see or create campaigns specific to their org unit (OU) or loyalty program. Orgs with multiple loyalty programs can now create campaigns for an OU and also filter campaigns of a specific OU without the need to scroll down through all campaigns of the org.

For more details, see here.

Offer expiry reminders

We have introduced an option to notify org POCs before an offer expires. According to the performance or usage of the offer, POCs can decide whether to update the coupon expiry, issual, redemption settings.

For more details, see here.

Message delivery status intimation

There was no intimation on the delivery report availability when an org sent out a campaign message. Reducing the communication gap that contributed to 30%-40% of the gateway issues, we have added a message on the Campaign Messages listing page that conveys the approximate time required to update the delivery report.

The org can contact support only if the report is not updated even after 12-24 hours.

For more details, see here.

DLT compliant SMS Campaigns (for Indian Customers)

TRAI has formulated certain guidelines to enhance control, prevent any fraudulent practice and provide greater safety to the end customer. As per the guidelines, the companies who want to communicate with their customers will now have to register themselves with Telecom Operators for sending SMS. The system will be governed using Blockchain technology also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We now allow users to upload the DLT approved content templates file and load the approved content templates in Engage+.

For more details, see here.

Cart/catalog promotion enhancements

We have made the following enhancements in Cart/Catalog promotions.

  • Revoke a promotion
  • Limit the days for unlocking or earning a promotion
  • Configure combo conditions in cart promotions
  • Nested sorting logic in cart promotions
  • Support for multiple languages for content specific to cart offers  offers 

For more details, see here.


User Group Loyalty

User group loyalty allows an org to incentivize not only its customers but also incentivize other orgs that contribute to their profits. This release introduces an enhancement where an org can directly incentivize another company for transacting with them. With this update, not only the primary member of the group, but all individuals associated with the group can contribute and enjoy the loyalty benefits.

For more details, see here.

Source value rounding in points allocation

The new enhancement allows brand users to round off points allocated to customers from the source itself rather than doing it post allocation. For details, see here.

Restrict one customer to one supplementary program

In extension to allowing orgs to create multiple supplementary programs and link/subscribe customers to different programs, you can now restrict customers to a supplementary program at a particular point in time. You can also enable the auto-delinking option if customers upgrade or switch to another program. 

For details, see here.

Marvel now supports email & externalID for customer identifiers.

In addition to the mobile number support, you can now also use email and externalId to issue Marwel rewards through APIs.

For details, see here.


Retry failed Loyalty Events

Handling calls/tickets from customers regarding loyalty event failures was difficult. On Member Care, you can now view the list of loyalty events that have failed and re-trigger those failed events.

For more details, see here.

View cart/catalog promotions on Member Care

You can now see the list of cart/catalog promotions that are issued to the customer or redeemed by the customer on the customer profile information page.

For more details, see here

OTP validation to update customer status

OTP validation is introduced to ensure more security and authenticate the customer before changing the status to Deleted. 

For more details, see here.


Explore mode enhancements

To make Explore Mode much more intuitive and user-friendly, we have made the following enhancements to different sections of Explore mode.

  • Toggle button to enable users to apply a specific option across all KPIs
  • Visibility of KPIs and attributes
  • Prioritization of KPIs and attributes
  • Apply time-based dimension to all KPIs just with a single click
  • Inverting rows and columns in Pivot Table
  • Ability to add custom date for time-based dimensions
  • Ability to include or exclude a specific filter from a KPI (variable KPIs)

For more details, see here.