The newsletter summarizes the product usage metrics of the month and also provides a comparison of the metrics (% increase or decrease) with the previous month. The newsletter is usually sent in the first week of the upcoming month. For example, usage newsletter for August is sent in the first week of September. The newsletter also highlights the change (%) in metrics with respect to July.

Top Highlights

  • Loyalty Delivered Sales: The sales generated through loyalty program(s) of the org. It is an AI driven metric.
  • Campaign Driven Sales: The ratio of the Campaign responder sales to the Total sales generated by members.


  • Customer registered : The total number of customers enrolled into the loyalty program.
  • Loyalty sales in the {local currency}: The total sales made by customers whose mobile numbers were captured.
  • Total points issued: The total number of points issued to customers. It also shows the break up of points to give the perspective of organic and inorganic split. 
    • Base Points Issued: Points issued from the base loyalty program.
    • Promo Points Issued: Points issued through promotion programs.

It also shows the count of points redeemed and expired.


Shows the summary campaigns executed along with the number of customers targeted. along with a breakup of vouchers issued and redemption. There is also a split of the campaigns which you can use to track the individual type of campaign.

  • Total campaigns executed: The total number of campaigns executed during the period.
  • Customers reached: The total number of customers targeted in the executed campaigns.
  • Coupon redeemed: The total number of coupons redeemed by customers.
  • Coupon Issued: The total number of coupons issued by customers.
  • Campaigns Executed across Campaign Types: The break up of the number of campaigns executed for each type of campaign.


Shows the usage of Capillary Insights+ tool. 

  • Reports Viewed: The total number of reports viewed by the org users. It also shows the count of scheduled reports and data exports executed for the org.
  • Segment Usage: Provides an insight into  if client was interested in custom cohorts.