Release Date: September 2021

OU filter under campaigns to filter specific brand campaigns

This release allows orgs with OUs to filter campaigns of each respective OU on the campaigns listing screen and also allows an org to see the OU name on screen throughout the flow of campaign creation so that they have visibility for which OU they are creating the campaign. 

Problem Statement

Many orgs have multiple OUs and there are various issues when we show all the campaigns of all OUs together for such orgs:

  • It is difficult for users to have visibility on how many and which campaigns are running for each OU.
  • When a user is creating a campaign, it is confusing for the users to know for which OU they are creating the campaign.


  • A campaign-level filter based on OUs is introduced on the campaign listing screen.
  • OU name is displayed on screen throughout the campaign creation flow so that users understand which OU they are creating campaigns for.

To know more, read Engage+ overviewcreate a campaign, and see this video.