An org can assign statuses to customers based on their activities. When a customer's status is updated to Deleted, an OTP is sent to the customer's primary mobile number or email ID to validate the status update, which is entered by the customer service agent of the org to complete the process. For example, if a customer changes their sim and wants to register with the new number, they can request the service desk of the org to delete their existing account. In this case, an OTP is sent to the customer while the deletion process takes place to make sure no one else is deleting the account on behalf of the customer. After the OTP is validated, the customer's status is updated to Deleted. To know more about customer status, see Manage Customer Status.

  • OTP is sent only when the customer status is updated to any of the Deleted labels.
  • The customer's information is still visible even after the profile is deleted. 

To set up the OTP validation, do the following.

  1. Create customer status labels. To know how to create status labels, see Create Customer Status Labels.
  2. On InTouch, go to Member Care.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Card Issue Settings.
  4. Enable Customer Status OTP settings and choose the channel to send the OTP.
    1. SMS: OTP is sent to the customer's registered mobile number.
    2. Email: OTP is sent to the customer's registered email ID.
    3. Both: OTP is sent via both channels.
  5. On Member Care, navigate to Search and search for the customer with a valid identifier.
  6. Navigate to the Customer Status field and click the Edit icon.
  7. In To be changed to, choose a status label that is marked with the Deleted status.
  8. Click Send OTP.
    The customer will receive the OTP and convey the same to the customer service agent via phone call.
  9. Enter the reason for the profile deletion and OTP provided by the customer.
  10. Click Proceed.