Loyalty pending events are failed customer activities that are in the queue. Member Care allows you to view all the pending or failed events of a customer. You can also re-trigger those events if the customer wishes. You can view the event name, the date when the event took place, the transaction ID of the failed or the pending event, the evaluation log, and also the reason why the event failed. For example, if a customer's points redemption attempt fails because it was not processed, the Failure Reason, in this case, is Event process failed.

Each time an event is replayed or re-triggered, the count increases in Replay Attempts.

If an event continues to fail and the replay attempt reaches its threshold (31 replays), the customer has to raise a ticket to the Loyalty team.

Re-triggers are supported only for the following customer activities.

  • Customer registration
  • Customer update
  • Points transfer
  • New transactions
  • Return transactions
  • Transaction update
  • Points redemption reversal
  • Partner program linking/delinking/update
  • Points redemption
  • Voucher redemption

View Loyalty Pending Events

To view loyalty pending events on member care, do the following.

  1. On InTouch, go to Member Care.
  2. In Customer Search, enter the customer's name.
  3. Navigate to More Information > Audit Trails > Loyalty Pending Events.
  4. Click Replay All.
    • This is only applicable if there are any failed or pending events for the customer.
    • You cannot replay individual events. All failed events are re-triggered together. 
    • If an event succeeds after the re-trigger, it does not appear in the list anymore.
    If the customer does not have any pending or failed events or all the failed events succeed after the re-trigger is initiated, the list will be blank.