Configure Notifications

Notify customers when an action is executed successfully. The system can send notifications through different channels such as SMS, email, WeChat, and Mobile Push. 

Notification channels are of two types:

  • Mandatory Channels: Channels that are mandatory for sending the notifications
  • Priority Channels: Channels that need to be triggered based on priority and availability. For example, if Mobile is set as priority 1, Mobile Push as priority 2, and email as priority 3, the system first checks whether SMS is configured and checks if the mobile number is available for the customer. If anyone fails, then it will try to send the notification through mobile push and so on.
Channels that are selected in Mandatory Channels will not appear in Priority Channels and vice versa.


To configure notifications, follow these steps.
  1. Click any selected Action to set up channel notifications.
  1. Select Mandatory Channels and Priority Channels for the notifications and click Save.

  1. Configure message templates and set the delay time. The following example shows the configuration screen for WeChat.
  2. Choose the account id and template. Preview the message and click Save. For more details on configuring notifications, see Configuring Notification Messages.
  3. Click Save to save the action configurations.
  4. Again Save to save the ruleset.
  5. Reconfigure the loyalty program to reflect the changes in the live program.
  • To know more about events, and writing rule expressions, see Creating Rules for the Loyalty Program.
  • A rule could have multiple rule sets. To check multiple cases to execute an action, create forward cases for each condition and set the execute action in the final sub ruleset.