To configure rulesets, do the following.

  1. When the event scope is set, navigate to the condition pane to create rules and define actions to be executed. You can create multiple conditions using + Condition in the All Conditions pane. 
  2. Click condition to add a new condition to the rule. A condition is a combination of rule expression, expression validation (When), and action (executed based on the expression value). Refer to the following steps to define a condition.
  3. In the Expression box, write the condition to evaluate. See the supported Profiles for each event and the relevant profile attributes and operators used in rule expressions. Also, see sample scenarios on Writing Rule Expressions to better understand how to write rule expressions.  
  4. Click + When and choose the expression result (Expression is True or False) and set the action to be executed. You can set actions either for success case or for failure case, i.e., you can set actions to be executed either for expression result true or for false.
    Expression is: Set when to execute the action - when the result of the expression is satisfied (True) or not satisfied (False).
    + Action: Click to show the supported actions and select the action to be performed for the given condition.
    Based on the selected action, you will see some relevant options that need to be configured. Here, you can create a new strategy (by clicking New) or choose the existing strategies. For example, to choose the points allocation strategy you want to apply for the program. 
  5. Click on any selected Action to set up channel notifications using different channels. For example, in the following example clicking Allocation Points allows you to configure mandatory or priority channels for the allocation points action.
    If you want to execute rules as per your loyalty program configuration, specify 'true' in the expression box and
    Expression equals box and select the action to be performed. 
  6. Click Save to save the changes made in the loyalty program.

  7. Click Publish Changes to apply changes to the loyalty program. If you do not reconfigure the loyalty program, the new changes will not reflect in the loyalty program.