To incentivize based on the payment mode combination, you need to configure these steps.

  1. Add supported payment modes for the org
  2. Create required payment modes.
  3. Configure Rulesets for a customer activity (on the Workflow) to define what action to perform for a tender combination.

Create a payment method

A payment method combination will have a mode of payment, an attribute, and the corresponding attribute value.


  • Card, Bank Name: ICICI, Card tier: Gold (Mode: Card, Attribute: Bank name, Value: Card type)
  • DiscountCoupon, CouponType: Ticket (Mode: Discount Coupon, Attribute: Sodexo)

The Payment methods tab lets you create different payment mode combinations and incentivize customers with points or coupons based on payment mode combinations. You need to configure actions to perform for each payment mode strategy on the Workflow page.

In case of MLP, tender combinations created in a loyalty program cannot be used in any other programs of the org, not even in the org default program.

To allocate points based on the payment method, follow these steps.

Before proceeding with payment method configuration, ensure that your org has payment modes added as explained here.

  1. On Intouch, navigate to Menu > Loyalty> Programs.
  2. In Programs, select the program for which you want to set the payment method setting and click Edit Program Advanced settings. 
  3. Navigate to Payment methods page.
  4. Enable the toggle button to restrict points allocation based on payment methods.
  5. In Name, specify a name for the payment method.
  6. In Payment mode, choose the type of payment mode.
  7. Click Add attribute. You will see the list of attributes of the payment mode.
  8. In Attribute, choose the desired attribute from the drop-down list.
  9. In Value, choose the desired attribute value (Values option appears only for supported attributes).
  10. Enable point maximization using the toggle button to make the payment method is eligible for points maximization (in Workflows).
  11. Click Done.