Define how many decimal points is supported for points you issue. 0 is for no decimal, 1 is for one decimal point, 2 is for two decimal points, 3 is for three decimal points. For example, if 50.3458 points have to be allocated to a customer.

Round Decimals value0123
Points round-up in each case5050.3    50.3450.346

To configure points round off settings, follow these steps.

  1. On Intouch, navigate to Menu > Loyalty> Programs.
  2. In Programs, select the program for which you want to set the points round off setting and click Edit Program > Advanced settings.
  3. Navigate to Points page.
  4. Choose the decimal places using drop down list. that appears on the earn conditions. By default system calculates till 3 decimal places.
  5. Click Done.