From the second tier that you create, you need to configure the eligibility criteria for tier upgrade and define the upgrade condition for each tier.  

The eligibility criteria type that you set for tier upgrade remains the same for all the subsequent tiers that you create. 

To upgrade tier settings, follow these steps.

  1. On Intouch, navigate to Menu > Loyalty> Programs.
  2. In Programs, select the program for which you want to set the Tier update setting and click Edit Program.
  3. Click Advanced settings.
  4. In Eligibility settings, define the eligibility condition for customers to upgrade tier.
  5. In Eligibility criteria, select the base consideration for tier upgrade.

    Current pointsUpgrade tier based on the active points of the customer.
    Lifetime pointsUpgrade tier based on the total points earned by the customer to date.
    Lifetime purchasesUpgrade tier based on the total purchase amount of the customer to date.
    Tracker ValueUpgrade tier based on the tracker values.

  6. In Upgrade type, select type of tier upgrade. This is applied when a customer fulfils the eligibility criteria.

    Issue points and then upgrade to the next tier
    1. Points for the current transaction are issued based on the customer's current tier settings, then
    2. the tier is upgraded. 
    Upgrade to the next tier and then issue points
    1. The tier is upgraded, then
    2. all points for the transaction are issued according to the new tier setting.
    Issue points, upgrade tier and then issue remaining points

    Points are issued in two parts based on the amount required for upgrading the tier.

    1. Only points required for the customer to be upgraded to the next tier is issued based on the current tier’s settings. 
    2. The remaining points from the transaction are issued based on the upgraded tier’s settings.
  7. Click Add Secondary Criteria, to add another eligibility criteria. For example, if you have the primary eligibility criteria on lifetime purchases, you can also another on tracker value.

  8. Click Done.