Redeem conditions allow you to configure points conversion ratio, eligibility criteria, and limit for points redemption. The eligibility criteria could be based on current points, lifetime points, or lifetime purchases. 

You can configure points redemption to do the following.

  • Set point conversion ratio
  • Define minimum points a customer should earn.
  • Limit the number of points redemption per transaction.
  • Redeem points in multiples of 'X'.


  • Customers need at least 150-lifetime points to be eligible for redeeming points
  • Redemption is allowed only in multiples of 50, and
  • A maximum of 100 points can be redeemed per transaction
  • At least one points redemption strategy should be created in a loyalty program. An error is shown if you run the loyalty program without any points redemption strategy.
  • For MLP, points redemption strategies created in a program cannot be used in other programs of the org, not even in the org's default program.


Configure Redeem Conditions

To configure redeem conditions, do the following.

  1. On Intouch, navigate to Menu > Loyalty> Programs.
  2. In Programs, select the program you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit Program
  4. Click Points.
  5. In How much is each point worth?, specify the points conversion ratio (in terms of org's base currency). It is recommended to use a simple conversion ratio such as 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 0.75,1.
  6. Click Add Redeem Conditions.
  7. In Name, enter the condition name.
  8. In Description, describe the condition.
  9. Enable Same for all Tiers
    The condition becomes relevant for all tiers. If disabled, the condition works only for the selected tier.
  10. In Minimum Points to redeem, enter the minimum current points redeemable by customers. For example, if you set 50, a customer cannot redeem less than 50 points.
  11. In Redemption limit, enter the maximum current points redeemable by customers. For example, if you set 100, customers cannot redeem more than 100 points per transaction.
  12. In Points balance required, enter the minimum current points that a customer should have to allow redemption.
  13. In Allow redemption in multiples of, enter the multiples in which the customer can redeem points. For example, if 10 is multiple, then the customer can redeem points only in multiples of 10 (10/20/30/40…).
  14. In Lifetime points required, enter the total points that customers should earn to allow redemption.
  15. In Lifetime purchases required, enter the total purchases that customers should make to allow redemption.
  16. Click Done.

Configure Customer Activity for Points Redemption Condition

Once you create a points redemption condition, you need to configure the PointsRedemption event on the Customer Activity page to define when to execute the redemption condition.

  1. In Customer Activity, select Redeem points
  2. Create a ruleset, and in action set the execute action as Redeem Points.
  3. Click Save & Continue

You can also configure notifications to be sent to the respective customer on the successful execution of the event. You can notify through SMS, email, or WeChat.

Cap on points to redeem per customer

You can limit the number of points to redeem per customer for the current day, last `x` days,  calendar week, and calendar month.

To limit points per customer, follow these steps.

  1. In Customer Activity, select Redeem points
  2. In the Expression editor, define the condition using any of the following expressions.
    1. Day limit: currentCustomer.pointsRedeemedToday 
    2. Weekly limit (Calendar week): currentCustomer.pointsRedeemedInCalendarWeek
    3. Monthly Limit (Calendar month): currentCustomer.pointsRedeemedInCalendarMonth
    4. In the last X days: currentCustomer.pointsRedeemedInPastDays(<No. of days>)
  3. Configure the actions to execute, click Save & Continue, and then Reconfigure the program.