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There are four different types of cart/catalog promotions. The configuration flow and options might vary for each promotion type.

1. Loyalty Promotion 

These are general promotions to target customers for selected audiences with our AI-powered campaigns tools.  For example, get 20% off on Arrow shirts for customers who transacted in the last 90 days.

  • Use case: Target customers who consume extra dark chocolates based on their preference and purchase history.
    ExampleGet flat 60% off on extra dark chocolates between June 27, 2021, and July 10, 2021, at Store North Expressway 1 and 3.

To know how to configure, see Loyalty Promotion under Create Promotion.

2. Loyalty earning promotion

The promotion is unlocked when customers complete a milestone or perform a loyalty activity (customer registration, profile update, and transaction).

  • Use Case: Make customers realize the value of the data and offer incentives through promotions when they provide more details.
    ExampleGet a flat 15% off on your purchase when you sign-up for email updates. The offer applies to the first 250 customers and each customer can avail the offer only once.

    The offer is valid for stores only in the North Zone between  July 5, 2021, to July 31, 2021.

To know how to configure, see Loyalty earning promotion under Create Promotion.

3. POS promotion 

This is not specific to any audience group and anyone who makes transactions at POS can avail it. There is no need to broadcast these promotions to customers.

  • Use Case: Promotion targeted at clearance of category Wafers. Such promotions are not broadcasted but configured at POS level. These are traditional promotions that run at POS and are not specific to loyalty or non-loyalty members.
    Example: All Wafers at $2.9, save $1.5, In-store every Saturday and Sunday between 10 AM- 6 PM in select stores: Store East 1, Store East 2, Store East 3, Store East 4, Store East 5. Offer Valid from Jun 27, 2021, - Jul 10, 2021. Also, the offer is valid on 1st Wafer of each transaction.

To know how to configure, see POS promotion under Create Promotion.

4. Rewards promotion

These are promotions that customers can earn while making a purchase using reward points.

  • Use Case: Customers can choose to exchange their reward points for cash, buy any promotion or product. 
    Example: Redeem 2000 points and get a main grade fuel promotion worth $50. Offer valid till 31 July on select stations on specific fuel categories.

To know how to configure, see Rewards promotion under Create Promotion.

5. Code linked promotion

Code linked promotions are the physical coupon codes which all customers can redeem  irrespective of their loyalty status. These can also be used as Influencer Codes. You can issue promo codes to either your loyalty or anonymous customers via partner or physical coupons. This helps in improving engagement and acquisition.

Promo codes can be used by anyone who has the code during the time of checkout to avail the benefits based on code validations. You can link any type of promotion to the code like combo promotions, fixed amount, percentage based discounts, free product, or bundled pricing.

Code linked promotions are generally distributed directly in the stores or through email campaigns. Both can be availed by customers either at in-store or e-commerce websites through their coalition partners depending on their validity.

A code can be only used once and is unique for each customer.

  • Promo codes become invalid when the promotion expires.
  • Promo codes are applicable to both loyalty and non-loyalty customers.
  • Promo codes can be redeemed multiple times as per the configuration set.
  • Use Case 1: Number of transactions across which the code can be redeemed.
    Example: For a promotion X is created,  you can restrict the redemption for up to 10 transactions.
  • Use case 2: Limit the maximum discount across redemptions.
    Example: There is a promotion with code to provide 10% off on every transaction a customer makes, limit max discount across redemptions to 1000.
    Customer can continue redeeming the code n number time till the discount disbursed does not cross 1000
  • Use Case 3: Handle trending Influencer Marketing successfully through these promotion restrictions. Brands can promote themselves on various social media platforms through influencers, who can further gift these promo codes to customers. Brands can enable a limit on the number of times a promo code can be used, limit number of transactions a promo code can allow etc.
    Example: Mansi is an Instagram influencer. Brand provides her with a code called HOLIMAN100. She can share the promo code with her followers. The brand can limit the redemptions count to 1000.
    So the first 1000 users to use this code will get the benefit.

To know how to configure, see Code linked promotion under Create Promotion.

To create each type of promotion, see the following section. The flow changes at Step 8 according to the type of promotion.

Create promotion (all types)

This section provides detailed instructions on how to configure each type of promotion. According to the type of promotion that you want to create,  navigate to the respective section after Step 7.

You can have an overall of 250 active promotions for an org (all types of promotions). However, it can be increased based on the requirement.

To create a cart or catalog promotion, follow these steps. 

  1. Open the campaign to add a promotion, navigate to the Promotions tab.
  2. Click Create promotion.
  3. In Promotion name, enter a name for the promotion.
  4. In Promotion description, enter a brief description of the promotion.
  5. In Promotion duration, set the start date and end date of the promotion using the calendar boxes.
  6. In Promotion type, choose the desired promotion type.
  7. Enable Issue promotion in deactivated state to allow customers to manually activate the promotion to auto-apply for a transaction. For example, you can allow customers to activate 5% off on groceries. Whoever activates the offer will get flat 5% off on grocery items in their next transaction.
    This is applicable only for Loyalty promotion, Loyalty earning promotion, and Rewards promotion.
  8. Click Next to continue.
  9. According to the type of promotion, configure other things and click Create promotion to save.
  • Loyalty promotion

  1. Define qualifying cart conditions and benefits.
  2. Add metadata in the promotion if required.
  • Loyalty earning promotion

  1. Configure promotion earning condition (activity or milestone-based).
  2. Define qualifying cart conditions and benefits.
  3. Add metadata in the promotion if required.
  4. Configure promotion earning notifications and expiry reminders.
  • POS promotion

  1. Define qualifying cart conditions and benefits.
  2. Add metadata in the promotion if required.
  • Rewards promotion

  1. Configure promotion earning condition (Direct trigger)
  2. Define qualifying cart conditions and benefits.
  3. Add metadata in the promotion if required.
  4. Configure promotion earning notifications and expiry reminders.
  5. After creating new reward promotion, you need to link the program to the org's Marvel rewards catalog. For details, see Linking Reward Promotion to Marvel Reward.