Release Date: July 2021.

Loyalty new UI (Phase 1): Brings in an enhanced user experience

This release introduces a new interface for the Loyalty+ product. This release draws from design language across Engage+ and Insights+and aims to bring about uniformity and give the sense of a single product across the board for the user.

This release brings in some new features to the Loyalty+ landing page such as a Program Dashboard to view program performance, a separate view and edit mode in the core program. It also introduces improvements to the user experience across the ‘Strategies’ part of the interface which contains tier setup, points conditions, program communication setup, trackers setup and tender combinations.

This interface currently supports the core loyalty program setup including Multi-level Loyalty Programs (MLP) and Friends & Family Program. Loyalty promotions and some advanced features of loyalty such as. Coalition Loyalty, Supplementary Memberships, Target Loyalty and User Group based Loyalty would continue to be available in the existing interface.

The new interface will start rolling out to brands in waves, and brands can be taken up in early phases on request.


Problem statement

Some key challenges the redesign of the user interface aims to overcome are:

  • The existing interface has been looking outdated and out of place with the rest of the product leading to a poorer impression in demos with prospective clients and analysts.
  • Similar features and elements were broken down and scattered in multiple places.
  • A lot of back and forth between different screens - particularly between strategies and events.
  • The whole interface gave off a complex and scary vibe - and users wouldn’t enter it for fear of breaking something
  • It used to be difficult to visualise the overall structure of the program and its components


To this effect, the new interface aims to:

  • Bring in a design that becomes consistent with the rest of the product suite besides meeting modern UI standards.
  • Consolidate elements based on the use case and make them available on a single screen with an accordion flow.
  • Provide a more intuitive and guided flow to set up the program.
  • Bring in an engaging dashboard that brings metrics that the user would care about at the beginning; a view mode, where users can visualise the program without fear of breaking anything.

What's new in the fresh look

New Program Dashboard on Landing Page

  • Users can select up to 5 metrics (from the KPIs created in Insights+) and maintain a dashboard in loyalty to get a quick glance of how the program is performing and trending.
  • Orgs that are not MLP enabled will directly see the program without the program selection screen. 

  • Revised Program selector in MLP enabled orgs to give more relevant information.

For a detailed list of changes, see Loyalty+ New UI Phase 1 (only for internal)

Rollout plan

  • July 19: Release for wave 1 brands - default will be new UI
  • July 19: Option to try the new UI for all brands
  • Mid-August:  Complete Hypercare for wave 1 and move to wave 2
  • End-August: Webinars with self serve customers and other interested customers
  • End-August: Complete rollout across all orgs

What's upcoming

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface for Workflows with a no-click summary view to round up the whole program setup.
  • Loyalty Promotions migrated to a new UI with a drag and drop editor.
  • Advanced Loyalty features (e.g. Coalition Loyalty, Supplementary Memberships, Target Loyalty, Rewards Catalog, etc.) to be directly available and made more intuitive and guided.