Release Notes                                                                           Release Date: June 30, 2021

This release introduces a promo engine and mobile mode in email editor for Engage+.

Promo Engine - Enable cart & catalog promotions

Promo Engine is designed to change the way modern-day promotions are run & managed in-store.

As one of the newly introduced incentive mechanisms offered by Capillary. It brings together Capillary’s market-leading capabilities like event-driven rule-based engine, AI-powered personalization & propensity models, product and activity-based offers, cross-category upselling, and an array of benefits delivering instant gratification at the time of checkout.

What challenges does it address?

Lack of personalization in POS promotions 

Promotions so far have been a means of mass incentivizing customers on popular products. Modern-day POS’s offer it as a mainstream hook for in-store purchases rather than loyalty building. Customization at scale has become one of the key differentiators to gain customer loyalty and build relationships.

Limitations imposed by technology at hand to optimize discounts

Configuring promotions based on real-time events and customer segments is a luxury few can afford. Even then it is nearly impossible to factor in all variables. 

How does Promo Engine solve the problem?

Personalize Promotions
  • Targeted promotions

  • Discount optimization

  • Flexible program setup

  • Diverse benefits

  • Personalized experience

  • Instant gratification

  • Relevant offers & more visibility

Convenient setup & ease of usage
  • Manage all from one place

  • Create & optimize on the go

  • Advanced budgeting control

  • No OTP or coupon code

  • Faster checkout

Visibility & Control
  • Real-time monitoring

  • Measure and optimize spends

  • Multivariate testing

  • Activate/deactivate

  • Earn or exchange points for rewards 

Sample use cases

Fashion retail brands can go beyond popular small ticket items and think more about driving experience to build loyalty

  • Know them better and engage more - Customers increasingly recognize the value of their data. Offer rewards and better experience as motivation to share their data. For eg. Unlock 10% off Denim products up to $20 on date of birth update or email address update

  • Milestone based - Get 10% off on the next 5 transactions(min cart amount of $100) once you complete $1000 in annual purchase

  • Experiential hooks - Gift matching accessories or products to create that experiential hook and gratification. Shop for clothing products worth $200 and get a free Duffle Bag or anti-theft bag

Grocery or supermarket chains can incentivize frequent shoppers with seasonal promotions and upsell long-tail products or bundle them with their regular purchases. 

  • Day & Time-based - Get an additional 5% off on your grocery purchases above $100 when you shop on Wednesdays between. 11 AM - 1 AM. Max discount of $50 in a single transaction and $200 annually

  • Restrictions - Buy 3 milk packets and get 50% off on custard flavors. Can be availed twice in a single transaction, 5 times in a month, and max 10 times per customer on selected stores

  • Catalog/SKU -  With every purchase of frozen products get 20% off on bacon. Offer applicable on category purchases above $100

One of the leading global fuel distributors uses Promo Engine to incentivize partners and individuals to purchase products beyond fuel products. It offers fleet owners rewards for when drivers make purchases while the drivers get promotions like free refreshments such as tea, coffee, biscuits, and other similar items on their regular fueling.

Few of the live promotions,

  • Segment-based - 4 wheeler owners can get free filter coffee ($4/-) or mini cappuccino ($5/-) when customers fuel for $100. Avail once in 7 days and max 5 times

  • Quantity or Unit level - Discount of $1/gallon when you purchase fuel above 2 gallons. Offer capped to 10 gallons/day and a maximum of 100 gallons in a month

  • The points in their wallet can mean much more - Redeem 2000 points and get Main Grade fuel worth $50. Offer valid till 31 July on select stations on specific fuel categories

Vertical specific long list of use cases

Promotion types

  • Loyalty promotions

Target promotions issued by broadcasting to loyalty customers For e.g. Get 20% off on Arrow shirts for customers who transacted in the last 90 days.

  • Loyalty earning promotions

Issued in the locked state and on customers completing the activity or milestone For eg. Get 100 off on your purchase by updating your email address

  • POS promotions 

These are not issued to customers and apply to any loyalty customers who shop at the POS

  • Reward promotions

These are created and linked to the Marvel rewards catalogue of the brand. Customers can get these promotions by simply redeeming their points. For eg. Redeem 1000 points and get a cold coffee free on your transaction worth $10 or more

Mobile design mode

Our "Drag & Drop" email editor empowers marketers to design emails that supports all devices. After introducing mobile design mode, now marketers can switch between Desktop and Mobile view during the email design and see the preview on mobile devices without going into the preview mode.