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Promo Engine: Enable cart & catalog promotions

So far, promotions have been a means of mass incentivizing and discounting a mainstream hook for in-store purchases rather than long-term loyalty building. Promo Engine enables you to build personalized promotions that are relevant for customers seamlessly. With Capillary's market-leading capabilities such as AI-powered personalization and propensity models, you can create product-based and activity-based offers, cross-category upselling, along with an array of benefits delivering instant gratification at the time of checkout.

For more details, see Engage+ Releases | June 2021.

Social media CRM campaigns - Facebook & Instagram

As users are increasing on social media channels, brands are understanding the importance of targeting their customers through social media by making ads more impactful and effective. You can now use Engage+ to create ads directly on the social media platform - Instagram and Facebook through Engage+. These are cost-effective compared to SMS or emails and prevent the inconvenience caused due to telecom regulations.
For more insights, see Engage+ Releases | May 2021. 

Mobile mode in the email editor

This feature enables you to preview your email and gives you a stance about its looks at the recipient's end. If your receiver is viewing your email on a mobile device, with this mode you can understand how impactful it is going to look.

For more details, see Engage+ Releases | June 2021.


Loyalty new UI: Brings in an enhanced user experience

We have reduced the complexity involved in the previous UI and provided a better user experience with a new UI for Loyalty+.  The new design brings in uniformity across other products like Engage+, giving a uniform user experience. Besides a completely new look and feel with a cosmetic touch, you can now monitor brand level and program level loyalty performance dashboard. Other enhancements include color pallets to tiers, illustration upgrade and downgrade for each tier, single page view of the entire loyalty program including rule sets. 

For more insights, see Loyalty+ Release Notes.


AIRA dashboard

We are introducing AIRA, to automate the training of AI and DS models. The product provides a dashboard where users can directly initiate training, notify users when a data model is available, and upcoming data models for the brand. Once trained, the AI models are scheduled to run automatically to refresh the inference data which can be made available as advanced attributes of users on CDP. These attributes can be used to filter and target the right users on Engage+ or configure loyalty rules on Loyalty+.

For more details, see June 2021 Releases | CDP.

User group-based loyalty: Build business engagements

Enable Enterprises to connect with accounts as a group or individuals with complex relationship structures by creating custom groups and incentivizing the right influencers & decision-makers to foster adoption.

For more details, see June 2021 Releases | CDP.

Customer status: Make statuses more meaningful with custom labels

As a starting point for brands to develop and launch impactful marketing campaigns it is really important to categorize their customers according to their engagement with the brand. You can now create different status labels against each standard status making it more meaningful. An active customer is not just an antonym to inactive, you can have meaningful labels that make sense to your brand like registered, transacted, regular. You can restrict specific status from redeeming points or coupons. 

For more insights, see Create Customer Status Labels.

Enable event mapping for custom events (Behavioral Events)

This release allows you to map custom events. This is used in cases where you want to change the event name or attributes coming from other sources. For more insights, see April 2021 Releases | CDP.

Get parent bill number for return transactions

This release allows you to receive the parent bill number which is a unique transaction number of the original bill after a customer returns a transaction. You can retrieve the parent bill number with the help of any of the following APIs. 

  1. Get Transaction API
  2. Get Customer Transactions API 
  3. Get Transaction API

For more insights, see April 2021 Releases | CDP.

Customer registration and profile update (Member Care)

You can now register new customers and edit the profile of existing customers on Member Care. Service desk executives familiar with Member Care can use the platform directly for performing any profile updates or customer registrations. For more insights, see April 2021 Releases | CDP.

Merge line and bill-level files (Connect+)

This release supports the joining of line-level and bill-level data files and ingesting the joined file using Add Transaction API(v2) in one go/single template. The new Transaction LineItem Merge template on Connect+ makes transaction data ingestion seamless. For more insights, see April 2021 Releases | CDP.

File size limits (Connect+)

This release introduces new restrictions on the file size ingested via Connect+ to prevent the platform from overloading. 

The following are the restrictions.

  • A file waiting for ingestion on Connect+ should not exceed 200 MB.
  • Connect+ cannot allow more than 2 million records in a file. 

If a file exceeds any of the above conditions, an error message will appear on Connect+. 

For more insights, see April 2021 Releases | CDP.


Enhanced chart interactions and visualization

New chart visualizations offer enhanced user experience, visual appeal and better readability. With this, you can 

  • Chart drill-down and dimension’s attribute selection on single click.
  • Improved slider design for smooth navigation across multiple data points.
  • Combination table visualizations with inline bars for their respective values.
  • Advanced funnel charts with step conversion data points.
  • Diversified color range for charts along with color gradients.

For more insights, see June 2021 Releases | Insights+.