Capillary Admin users of a specific organization usually set up a basic loyalty program when creating an organization in Capillary InTouch.

In cases where the loyalty program is not created or an organization wants to enroll in the loyalty program newly, admin users can create the loyalty program using the procedure mentioned herein.  

NoteOnly one loyalty program can be created per organization


Before starting with creating a loyalty program, ensure that

  • Loyalty Manager is enabled for that specific organization
  • you are an admin user of the organization
  • you have all the requirements about the loyalty program for that organization

NoteYou can access the loyalty program only if it is enabled for your organization in the back-end and you are provided with the necessary privileges.

In a basic loyalty program, you can configure the following:

  • Add tiers
  • Set up points to issue for each tier - The allocation is based on the percentage of the transaction amount.
  • Set up points expiry - Validity (in no. of days) for the points issued
  • Set up minimum redemption criteria - Minimum points required for a customer to avail points redemption.

To create a basic loyalty program:

  1. Log on to Capillary InTouch (India/Europe/US/APAC2
  2. Choose the organization for which you want to create the loyalty program - only for Capillary users
  3. On the Settings page, navigate to Gratification & Engagement Point Bank Management > Loyalty Program.
You will see the following screen only if the loyalty program has not yet created for the organization.

  1. Click Create Loyalty Program.
Set up Loyalty Tiers page appears as shown below.

  1. In Tier Name, specify a name of the base tier. Example: Silver.
  2. In Issue Points on, specify the points to be issued in the current tier in terms of percentage of the transaction amount. For example, if Issue Points on is set to 10, the customer receives 20 loyalty points if he/she makes a transaction of $200.
  3. In Description, enter a meaningful description of the tier. 
  4. To create another tier, click the +Add button and specify the Tier NamePoints issued on and Description fields as explained above.
  5. In Upgrade Tier, enter the lifetime purchases amount required for a customer to upgrade to the current tier.

  1. In Issued points expire, specify the validity of the points issued (in months). This is applicable for all tiers.
  2. In Customer must have, specify the minimum threshold points that a customer should earn to be eligible for redeeming points.  
  3. Click Create Loyalty Program. A basic loyalty program is created for your organization.

See also, the basic configurations category to understand different strategies available in the loyalty program and learn how to create each strategy.