What is the difference between a Regular Loyalty Program and Promotion Program?

A regular loyalty program is usually the default loyalty program of an org (or org unit) that runs for a longer duration. Whereas, Promotion Programs are created for a shorter duration to provide additional incentives to customers apart from that provided through the regular loyalty program.

What type of discounts are supported in a loyalty program?

We provide discounts as loyalty points and coupons. Coupons are regular discount vouchers that can be redeemed for transactions. Points can be either absolute value or the percentage of the transaction value. An org can set the value of each point (points conversion ratio) and can provide discounts through points redemption or provide gift cards for the worth of points.

Do you support product-based promotions?

We partially support promotions on product brand, product group, product list, and branch participating items. For example:
  • Buy products that are valued x or more and get a 20% discount on the bill value.
  • Buy over Y items and get 10% off on the bill value.

Coupon Redemption

What types of coupons do you support?

We currently support two types of discount coupons.

  • Percentage discount on the bill value. For example, 10% off on the bill value.
  • Flat discount on the bill value. For example, flat $50 off on bill value.

What sort of validation do you support for coupon redemption?

During redemption, the customer and products in the cart will be validated. For example, whether the customer is eligible for redemption, whether the coupon is applicable for products in the cart, and whether the redemption has reached the threshold value or not.

What type of validation do you support for coupon redemption?

We only support promotion-based validation for loyalty coupons and do not support the validation of bill amount or rewards catalog value. As the redemption validation is not available with us,  we do not control the end-to-end checkout process, and cart items. Hence, we cannot validate a coupon redemption on cart value.

The following are the example promotions that we do not support.

  • Buy item x and get y free.
  • Buy the second item and get x% off or for every 2 items get y% off.
  • Buy the first item at the normal price and get flat x% off on the second item and y0% off on the 3rd item.

Do you control the redemption of issued points or discount coupons?

There is no validation in our system that limits redemptions on a specific product, brand, or category. Once the Redemption API call hits our platform, we can publish the Coupon Redemption Criteria on the POS machine. Based on that information, the cashier will have to take a call on whether to redeem the coupon or not. Alternatively, the POS vendor can build an integration layer for these validations to happen automatically.

Multi-loyalty Programs FA

1. Can a TILL have two loyalty programs?

No. For an org, a loyalty program can be created either for a zone or concept but not both. For example, an org cannot have one loyalty program for a zone and another for a concept.

2. What is the default loyalty program?

It is the base loyalty program of the org which is created by default, all zones/concepts of an org are part of the default program as shown in the illustration. Default programs work as a normal program with its own slab, strategies, and rules.

All programs of an org, either default or brand specific one, runs independently and are not related or dependent on other programs.

3. Can points earned in one program be burned in another program?


4. Can points earned in one country be burned in another country for the same org?

It completely depends on the implementation.

5. Can we change the default loyalty program?

No. Default loyalty program is created at the org level once the Loyalty module is enabled for that org. Every brand (concept/zone) can have only one loyalty program (except the default program). You can create slabs, points strategies, and rules for each program just like a normal loyalty program

6. Can multiple programs run on a same till?


7. What if a store that is mapped to a zone changes through import?

Program will work as per new zone loyalty configuration and you can fetch customer details program wise. However, the loyalty details such as points earned, points burned are still associated to the previous program. <Need to confirm how returns work in that case>

8. Will there be any change in  Sharingan for MLP?

No changes are required for the existing functionalities. However, if MLP is required, then integration needs to be changed accordingly.

9. Will there be any change in e-com for MLP?

No changes are required in the existing functionalities. However, if MLP is required, then integration needs to be changed accordingly.

10. How to use APIs in case of cross-brand redemption?

You have to pass the program id from which the redemption is required, if program id is not passed then it will try to redeem from the till's program.

11. If no program id is passed while redeeming points, from which program the points will be deducted?

Points are deducted from the non-default loyalty program which the current TILL is mapped to. However, if the till is not mapped to any loyalty program, points will be deducted from the default program.