Transaction Level Points

Points that are awarded against a transaction made by the customer are called transaction points.

If transaction-level points are added or modified through import then transaction or transaction line-item profile has to be chosen.


A transaction can have one or more products in it. Each different product in a transaction is considered a line-item.

Loyalty points

Active points in the customer’s loyalty account are called loyalty or current points. Customers are allowed to redeem their loyalty points based on the brands' redemption criteria.

Redeemed Points

Loyalty points that are used by customers are termed redeemed points.

Expired Points:  

Points that got expired because the customer did not use them within the validity period are called expired points.

Expiry strategy:  

The measure by which points awarded to customers is expired is called an expiry strategy. All points awarded to customers will get expired (if not used) as per the expiry strategy configured for these particular points.

There are multiple expiry strategies for a loyalty program. The default strategy is used for BillPointsAllocation action/AllocatePoints action.  If none of the above-mentioned actions are configured in the point’s engine then it will consider the first expiry strategy that is configured.

Awarded date

The date on which points are issued is called an awarded date. During data import of promotional points, you can customize the awarded date. In case of importing transaction points, an awarded date cannot be modified.

Expiry Date

The date on which awarded points get expired is known as the expiry date. The expiry date for particular points is always calculated with respect to the corresponding awarded date. It is derived by adding the expiry strategy to the awarded date.


Tiers are loyalty privileges that are awarded to loyalty customers. A brand can have one or more tiers.

Tiers are required to be used by all organizations.  If no tier is configured, one default tier is created by default.

Promotional points

Bonus points that are awarded to the customer irrespective of any transaction are called promotional points. These points are either awarded by the actual promotional campaigns or through import while balancing the customer’s lifetime points.

Lifetime points: 

The total number of points earned by a loyalty customer till date.  

Lifetime points are the sum of current points (active points), expired points, and redeemed points for a given customer.


Reducing the current tier of a customer to a lower tier is called tier downgrade. Brands can opt for tier downgrade on the basis of visit count and transactions. For example, downgrade the tier of a customer if no transaction is made in the last 6 months.


Trackers are transaction-level values that users intended to track for a specific duration.  Trackers can be created on transaction amount, gross bill amount, line-item count, line-item quantity, line-item price, and customer visits. Users can create different tracker strategies and create tracker-based rules.