The following are the key features of Loyalty+.

  • Easy to use UI: Loyalty+ provides an easy-to-use interface. You need not require any programming knowledge to create and configure a loyalty program.
  • Powerful Rule Engine: The sophisticated rule engine gives you the flexibility to write expressions, configure conditions, and set actions to execute. You can write rules on several parameters such as transaction value, item purchased, basket size, payment mode, purchased location (zone/store), and purchase time.
  • Context based loyalty programs: Loyalty+ supports following multiple customer engagement programs.
    • Free loyalty enrollment program (Normal loyalty program) lets customer to enroll into the loyalty program and get incentivized with points or coupons for every transaction they make.  
    • Paid enrollment program also called membership-based loyalty, allows customers to buy loyalty status (tier) to enjoy the tier benefits.
    • Promotion programs: Customers are incentivized with bonus points and coupons when they make any purchases during the promotional period.
  • Incentivizing on Payment mode: Customers are incentivized based on the type of payment. Loyalty+ supports incentivizing for purchases through Debit Card, Credit Card, Visa Card, and Master Card. You can also incentivize bonus points based on banks. For example, award 10x points when a customer transacts through HDFC cards.
  • Loyalty downgrade: Loyalty+ provides you the flexibility to set up a tier upgrade and downgrade conditions based on your customers' frequency of visits. For example, if a customer, who has enrolled into the loyalty program, makes frequent purchases in the first month and achieves a higher level tier and during the second month, the frequency of his/her visits slow down. In such cases, you can configure condition to downgrade customers' tier when they do not make any transaction for a certain time period.
  • Cross-channel loyalty: Loyalty+ provides a hassle-free experience for organizations that run loyalty on multiple channels such as InStore, WeChat, MartJack, and mobile apps. All cross-channel registrations of a customer is combined automatically and associated with a single account. The points are earned and burned seamlessly in online/offline platforms.
  • Support for non-loyalty customers: Loyalty+ supports issuing coupons to non-loyalty customers on an event.
  • Multi-Source Selection Support: Loyalty+ supports Omni-channel loyalty, i.e., you can configure actions for the selected sources/accounts. Sources are classified into two groups:
    • Internal Sources: Sources that are owned by the organization such as InStore, Mobile App, e-commerce sites etc. Essentially, customer data (custom fields, mobile, email etc.) remains consistent across all these sources.
    • External Sources: Sources such as WeChat, Facebook where a user can choose to have a different mobile number/email id.
      All sources, Internal and External will be linked to the same user (user_id) with a common identifier.
  • Multi-channel communication support: Customers are notified about the loyalty updates through SMS, email, Mobile Push and WeChat.
  • Channel Based Priority: A user can now choose mandatory channels and priority channels for Loyalty notifications.
    • Mandatory Channels: The user can select mandatory channels for notifications. The notification is sent through mandatory channels as long as it is available.
    • Priority Channels: You can define remaining channels (non-mandatory) in the priority order. Notifications is triggered through the available channel according to priority.
  • Multiple Loyalty Programs (MLP): Organizations with multiple brands can configure a different loyalty program for each brand while maintaining a single customer profile across the organization.
  • Group Loyalty enables group incentivisation such as tier upgrade based on purchases made by group members.  
  • Customer Tagging allows tagging customers automatically to labels using rules. You can also incentivize customers based on tags.
  • Card linked Loyalty Program enables creating multiple loyalty cards within an organization and linking card series with loyalty programs.
  • Target Loyalty allows categorizing customers into separate target groups and target them on the basis of certain KPIs and reward them accordingly.


Loyalty+ directly impacts the success and profitability of your business. The following are the key benefits of Loyalty+.

  • Acquire New Customers: You can target non-loyalty customers by creating effective promotional coupons that drive registrations. 
  • Multi-Channel Acquisition: You can register customers through multiple sources such as InStore, WeChat, MartJack, Mobile APP and social networking platforms.
  • Retain Existing Customers: By creating points expiry conditions you can drive your customers to get back to the stores and make transactions and hence increase your sales.
  • Grade Customer Spendings: You can grade your customers with tiers based on their spending. Customers in higher-level tier get better loyalty benefits whereas customers in the lower level tier get the least loyalty benefits.
  • Identify Fraud Customers: You can spam suspicious customers from the loyalty account and suspend such accounts.
  • Win Back Lost or Agitated Customers: You can get back your lost customers by providing them shopping benefits and issue goodwill points to agitated customers to make them continue with your organization's loyalty program.
  • Flexible Rules Creation: You have the flexibility to create rules based on various parameters such as loyalty type, promotions, spending, payment mode, transaction amount.
  • Customer Notifications on Loyalty Updates: You can notify your customers using real-time loyalty updates instantly through SMS, email, and WeChat. You can notify customers for points earned, points redeemed, tier upgraded, tier downgraded and points returned.