Introduction to Loyalty Manager

Capillary’s Loyalty Manager is a versatile tool that helps to create effective loyalty program(s). Loyalty programs help to scale customer enrolment and engagement. The salient incentives that drive loyalty programs include points or coupons.

Capillary’s Loyalty Manager provides customers with the flexibility to customize a loyalty program to match their business needs. The Loyalty Manager allows you to create regular loyalty programs that are active for long periods or promotion programs that are shorter.

Certain highlights Loyalty+ includes

  • Rewarding customers with points or coupons based on their purchases.
  • Grading customer loyalty with tiers.
  • Selectively rewarding customers based on their tiers.
  • Running loyalty programs on multiple sources like mobile apps, InStore, WeChat or eCommerce sites.

Loyalty+ helps you maintain a single customer profile despite having multiple sources. Thus the base customer data can be leveraged for other insights.

Types of loyalty programs supported

On the basis of enrolment types, loyalty programs could be classified into the following categories:  

  • Free Membership Loyalty: In free membership loyalty, a customer is not charged any fees to enrol into a loyalty program. Generally, free membership loyalty defaults a customer into a base tier with basic privileges. When the customers do more purchases, they could be promoted.
  • Membership Based Loyalty: In this, customers need to pay a small fee to enrol themselves into a loyalty program. Generally, membership-based loyalty has a fixed validity and during this period, customers can use the loyalty benefits. When the fixed period lapses, it is required for the customer to renew their subscription with a fee.
  • Group Loyalty: A group generally contains primary and secondary members. The primary member is similar to an admin who enrolls his/her family members or friends into a loyalty program.
    The primary member can also remove other group members. There are variations to group loyalty, for instance, rewarding the entire group for the purchase of one group member. To know more, see Create Group Loyalty Program.
  • Supplementary Membership Program: In addition to the main loyalty program, there could be a supplementary membership program for select customers. Each membership could have a different expiry.
  • Multi-Loyalty Program: The main org could have several subsidiaries (org units).  The need to separate points accumulated across subsidiaries is rather evident due to the commodity being bought and its face value. Multiple Loyalty Programs (MLPs) allows an organization to maintain a single customer profile while executing different loyalty programs across its subsidiaries. It allows an organization to maintain a single customer profile while executing different loyalty programs across its subsidiaries. To know how to create multiple loyalty programs, see here.
  • Partner Loyalty Program: If an organization has a loyalty program created outside the Capillary platform, Loyalty+ allows syncing tiers and adding or removing customers.
  • Card linked Loyalty Program: It enables creating multiple loyalty cards within an organization and linking card series with loyalty programs. To know how to create card linked loyalty programs, see here.
  • Target Loyalty: An org can categorize customers into separate target groups and target them on the basis of certain KPIs and reward them accordingly. To know how to configure a target loyalty program, see here