Loyalty+ dashboard allows an org to view the overall performance of all the loyalty programs of the org for the past seven days, one month, three months, or six months. By default, the last one month’s overall performance is shown.
The report is a combination of charts, which provides business-essential insights based on KPIs and dimensions selected on each chart. You can see full reports by clicking on the icon next to Overall performance. The Overall performance graph displays the following KPIs as default.

  1. Points Redeemed: Displays the total number of points redeemed by Loyalty customers.
  2. Points Expired: Displays the total number of points expired for Loyalty customers.
  3. Loyalty Sales: Displays the sum of the final bill amount of all Loyalty transactions including taxes and discounts not including returns.
  4. Registrations override: Displays the total number of customers registered in the Loyalty program for the selected duration.
  5. Lifetime Spend Per Customer: Displays customer's purchase divided by their count depending on their lifetime data.
  • Hover on the icon next to the KPI to see its information. Only five KPIs are displayed. 
  • You can add different KPIs according to your requirement by clicking on Configure KPIs edit icon.