You can define conditions for earning points, redeeming points, expiry of points and returning points.

Create earn conditions

Earn conditions allow an org to create various conditions and define how a customer can earn points. You can have common points allocation across tiers or different allocations for each tier. For details, see Create Earn Conditions.

Create redeem conditions

Redeem conditions allow you to configure points conversion ratio, eligibility criteria, and limit for points redemption. The eligibility criteria could be based on current points, lifetime points, or lifetime purchases. For details, see Create Redeem Conditions.

Create expiry conditions 

Expiry conditions allow you to set the validity period for points issued through either Loyalty+ or Engage+, and you can also define how these points expire. Points expiry is useful to bring inactive customers back to the store before the validity period of points ends. Expiry conditions are used in tier downgrade, earn condition, redeem conditions and return conditions too. For details, see Create Expiry Conditions.

Create return conditions

Return conditions allow an org to define conditions on the reissue of points after a customer returns a transaction or transaction line item. For details, see Create Return Conditions