Social Media CRM Ads - Facebook & Instagram

Problem Statement

  • CRM marketers have been using direct channels such as SMS, Email, Mobile Push, etc to engage with their customers, whereas, users are increasingly using social media. Hence, it makes sense for CRM marketers to engage customers where they are.
  • Telecom regulations are getting stricter and the cost of SMS is increasing. Hence, for brands, social media is a good alternative to SMS. 


  • With this release, we support Social media CRM campaigns in Engage+.


  • Enables marketers to configure CRM campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook partner networks directly from Engage+.
  • Currently, Facebook & Instagram Image, Carousel, and Video ads are supported.


  • Google Display Ads will be supported (Post 3 - 4 quarters).
  • Performance reports will additionally reflect KPIs reported by the social channel itself  (Post 3 - 4 quarters).

For details, see Create a Facebook Campaign.