Release Date: Oct 30, 2020.


Enable subscription status syncing across OUs

Enable customers to opt-in to all OUs if they opt-in to any OU

For this, we have added a new configuration Opt-in to all OUs if subscription entry from any of the OUs is opt-in (InTouch Profile Organization settings > Subscription settings V2). This config will sync only opt-in values and not opt-out values. If the customer opts out from an OU, subscription status in other OUs will remain unchanged. This is useful for multi-OU brands who are willing to engage customers from different OUs and can get customers' consent for opt-ins across OUs using appropriate terms & conditions. 

The config is available only if OU wise subscription - Different organization units have different subscription settings - checkbox is enabled.


Enable customers to opt-out from all OUs if they opt-out from any OU

Orgs might not prefer to opting-in customers to other OUs if they have opted out from any of the org OUs where they registered. 

During registration or first subscription entry, if customers opts-out from an OU, they will be opted out from all OUs across the org.  For this, we have added another config Opt-out from all OUs if the first subscription entry from any of the OUs is Opt-out (InTouch Profile Organization settings > Subscription settings V2). 

This configuration does not sync opt-out value post-registration or first subscription entry. Once the first consent is captured from the customer, opt-out from any OU will not impact subscription status in the other OUs.

The following are the important points to be noted:

  • For OU level opt-ins and opt-outs,  OU sync will override the default subscription type (Single or Restricted Single) configured for other OUs.
  • If multiple OUs are updated at once through API, sync will not happen. In that case, subscription status will be set based on the values passed in the API.

Other references:

  • Enable OU-level sync for subscription status
  • View subscription status change history
  • OU wise subscription in Sharingan

You can now view and update OU wise subscription status from microsites using Sharingan. 

To update subscription status, pass comma-separated values of OU IDs in the parameter

Subscription status can be updated by passing comma-separated values of OU Ids in the respective parameter -  ou_subscription_bulk_sms, ou_subscription_bulk_email, ou_unsubscription_bulk_sms, ou_unsubscription_bulk_email. 

You can fetch OU wise subscription status by passing an additional parameter - ‘subscriptions=true’ in the Sharingan customer/get API