Customer status indicates the state of a customer with the org. A status is assigned based on customers' activities such as transactions and redemptions (coupon/points) made by customers.
You can restrict customers’ actions according to their statuses. For example, block deleted customers (accounts) from making transactions.

The Customer Status module allows you to do the following.

  • View and update the status of a customer.

  • View the history (log) of customer activities.

  • View the list of inactive or deleted customers.


Customer Statuses

The following are the statuses available for a customer account.

  • Active: This is a default status. You can assign active status to customers who make transactions regularly or within the speculated time period. For example, if an org’s speculated time period is for six months, and a customer makes transactions at least once in six months, then the status is active.
  • Suspended: You can suspend an active account if the customer wants to block the account temporarily. Any new transactions of a suspended account are marked as an outlier, There is also a configuration to restrict from redeeming points and coupons of suspended accounts.
    For example, if a customer loses his phone, he can request to suspend his account temporarily until he gets a new phone to prevent someone from misusing the account.
  • Deleted: You can delete customer accounts permanently if they are inactive for a long time or if they wish to delete their accounts.
An account cannot be reactivated once it is deleted but the customer can register again with his/her mobile number

  • Fraud Suspected: You can assign fraud suspected status to customers who display unusual behaviour. This could be on purchases or redemptions.
  • Fraud Confirmed: You can assign fraud confirmed status to customers who continue to make unusual transactions. After a customer is suspected of fraud, a verification is initiated to confirm the unusual behaviour of the customer. 
  • Internal: You can assign this to the internal members of the org or Capillary where account activities are performed for testing purposes.
The data generated by Internal accounts are not considered for reports.

Update Customer Status

You can update the status of a customer with status labels. Status labels are custom label names mapped to predefined statuses. You can create and tag custom statuses regular, and trending, for the Active status.

To update customer status, follow these steps.

  1. On Member Care, search customer that you want to update status
  2. Navigate to the Customer Status field and click the Edit icon.

  • Status Label: The custom status assigned to the customer 
  • Status: The predefined status mapped with the status label. 
  • Last Updated On Date and time of when the customer status is updated recently.
  • Last Updated By: The user/staff who has updated the customer status recently.
  1. In To be changed to, choose the new status label that you want to assign.
  2. In Reason, provide a valid reason for the status change. For example, if an active customer loses his/her phone and wants to suspend the account, you can mention the reason as 'Lost mobile phone’.
  3. Click Proceed.