Profile events include customer profile updates and registration. You can view the change history logs of a customer profile in the EMF evaluation log for each event entry.

To view profile events, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Member Care > Customer > Customer Search.
  2. In Customer Search, enter any identifier of the customer (name, mobile number, email, external ID, or card number and select the customer from the suggestion list.  You will see customer information. 
  3. In More Information, click the Profile Events tab to see profile update history.

View Evaluation Logs (EMF)

EMF evaluation logs are available for non-transactional events as well. 

To view EMF evaluation logs for  profile events, follow these steps.

  1. In Events History, click the Evaluation Log to view the details log for a specific event.
  2. In EMF Evaluation Logs, view the detailed evaluation log and rule set for a specific non-transactional event.

    The following are the description of different colors on rules:

    • Denotes the rules which were executed.
    • Denotes the rules which were not executed.
    • Denotes the rules which are Inactive.