The top n offer propensity filter helps you build an audience group who are likely to respond to specific types of offers. 

For example, consider you have a cashback offer enabled and have a budget for targeting or need to target only 1000 customers with the offer. Instead of seeking assistance from the analytics team to identify the most relevant customers, you can utilize the top n offer propensity filter to get top customers who have the highest inclination towards cashback offers.

Only orgs that are mapped to the data science vertical will have this filter enabled.

Basic options

The following is the basic or mandatory option of the last purchased product filter.

  • Top customers:
    • Absolute value or Percentage value: Select Number to get the exact number of customers [or] percentage to get a proportion of customers and enter the value in top ____.
      For example, Include top 10 percent of customers.
  • Customer who can respond to offer type: Select the offer type using the drop-down list.