The following are the Installation steps of VisitorTrax in a store. 

  • Locate the device mounting spot. Once you locate the mounting spot, ensure that a power socket is available in less than 1.5 meters to the device. If the power supply is not available, install a new socket.
    If you are unfamiliar with the electrical wiring in the walls, consult a professional technician.
  • At the mounting point, use the device to mark the screw points and drill holes accordingly.
  • Mount the device on the ceiling or projection rod and fix the screws. 
  • Connect the power cable to the device and adapter
  • Connect the power adapter to the power supply and switch on the power supply. Please check that the device’s power LED is On.
  • The minimum height required for the installation is 9 feet.
It is recommended to install the device 10 feet high from the ground. For a bigger store where the coverage area is more than 1000 square feet, it is recommended to install two VisitorTrax devices. You can configure VisitorTrax using the user interface.