The cashier or the store staff can upload the logs directly from the Instore Application to the Capillary cloud once a day. It is recommended to upload logs as per the cashier's convenience or during non-busy hours.

To upload logs, follow these steps.

  1. Login to InStore with your Till credentials and navigate to Settings.

  1. Click Upload Logs. The system will pick the logs from the set location.

    The location for picking the logs is preset and can’t be entered manually.

  1. Click close to upload the logs successfully. 

  • You can also click on upload in the background if the upload takes time to avoid disturbing the store operations.

  • Once the logs are uploaded, the message is given on the screen.

  • Once the logs are uploaded, the last logs upload time will be displayed on the upload logs button.

  1. Navigate to Intouch > Store Care Diagnostic Center Module to access the uploaded logs.