Partner Broadcast Campaigns

You can now use your own or a different communications tool to send campaign messages still enjoying the Capillary targeting capabilities, personalization capabilities, and incentive issuance capabilities. You also have a provision to export the campaign data (audience and incentives) to an FTP server and use it to further send communications using a different tool.

For more insights, see the detailed release notes, and help document.

Support to include both offers and points in a communication

With the improved incentives based communication, you can issue both offer and points strategy in the same message. You can now include both points and offer related tags in a single communication while creating a message. 

For details, see the release notes and help document.

Channel expansion with Viber

You can maximize your brands CRM reach, especially in the Philippines and some countries of the Middle East and Europe where Viber is widely used.  Viber is an app-based instant messaging platform like WeChat or Line.

For more insights, see the detailed release notes and the help document.


User Interface revamp

The new UI provides a uniform user experience across Engage+ and Insights+ and reduces the complexity involved in completing some key tasks on Insights+.

For more insights, see the release note and help documents.


  • Chart visualizations, Chart creation flow, Export flow, and segment browser.

Behavioral events - Funnel charts

Funnel charts help you view a linear process that involves sequential connected stages. The following are the highlights of Funnel Charts.

  • Multi-step funnel chart
  • Conversion rate
  • Average conversion time
  • Filtering on Behavioral Event attributes
  • Configuring funnel completion time

For more insights, see the help document.

Customer Data Platform

Card linked loyalty programs

Card linked loyalty programs are widely used in fuel, retail, and B2B verticals along with conglomerate and luxury brands. You can have card linked loyalty programs similar to the OU level programs. You can have cards on customer segments such as value card, family card, and premium card. These cards could be either digital or physical.

For more insights, view our documentation.

For more insights, see release note, card series import, card import, issue card to a customer, create card linked loyalty programs, card information

Upcoming features

  • Card based reports
  • Create audience lists using card data
  • Export card data

Capping on entries creation

To ensure fair usage of the platform features and cut down the unnecessary cost involved in CDP features, there is now a capping on the number of entries created for the following attributes.

However, if you wish to have more entries for a brand, reach out to Capillary Support. 




Custom fields

Loyalty registration custom fields


Loyalty transaction custom fields


Store custom fields


Product data model

Product categories


Product brands


Product attributes


Payment modes

Payment mode attributes


Sharingan apps

Active Sharingan apps


Behavioral events

Behavioral events


Behavioral events for Loyalty+ Destination


Attributes in a Behavioral event


Store data model



Tills per store


Zones per org


Concepts per org


OAuth API client

API clients


For more insights, see release notes.

Note: The existing data import or integration remains the same even if the limit exceeds.


Automated device status notifications

Now, you do not need to log in every time to the FFC to check device statuses. You can have daily reports sent to your email on devices that are inactive for more than 24 hours.

If the device has been inactive for more than 14 days, the CS  team will introspect the issue and try to resolve it.


Partner and supplementary programs

Partner programs are loyalty programs of the Org that are created outside Capillary. Loyalty+ supports syncing tiers of partner programs and adding customers to the program.

Supplementary programs are small loyalty programs that run along with loyalty programs but for a shorter span. An org can create any number of supplementary programs.

For more insights, see the help document.

Program identification for the following loyalty events - Event notification

  • Ability to Include Bill ID on points issued Event when Points are Issued on Line Items 
  • Points Redemption event 
  • Customer Registration event
  • Points Redemption event 
  • Customer Update event 
  • Transaction Update event 
  • Transaction Return event 
  • Transaction Add event 

Card loyalty support in Loyalty+

  • Create card linked loyalty programs in addition to OU level programs (for MLP enabled orgs).
  • Get customer details by card number 
  • Identify program based on card type
  • Get points API to show multiple card numbers

Partner program benefits

You can now add promotional points as benefits to your partner program and you can also set maximum benefits for a supplementary program and also limit benefits in a supplementary membership cycle. New rules are introduced to identify the number of additional benefits available for a customer. 

APIs to manage promotions

  • getPromotion API 
  • updatePromotion API 
  • searchPromotion API 
  • addPromotion API

Other items

  • Show EMF Evaluation Logs for non-transaction events such as Customer Update on Member Care.
  • Replaced greater than symbol in rule expressions with equal to symbol (=). For example referrerCode.refereeTxnCount>=1 now needs to be written as referrerCode.refereeTxnCount==1.
  • Added support for using expiry strategy in customer promotion import and rolling expiry strategy in all points import profile.
We will update the help doc links for all Loyalty+ items soon.