Release Feature                             Date: March 16, 2021

Problem Statement

Many organizations prefer sending communication to customers with the following functionality. 

  • Assign one or more offers to a message and share the offer details such as offer name and voucher code with customers.
  • Show the customer's current points and points nearing to expire (in the next 30 days).

Earlier, after attaching an offer to a message, it was not possible to attach Points Strategy (Loyalty Program) to that message. 

Loyalty-related tags such as loyalty points, expiring points (in the next 30 days) were unavailable.


Now, brands can attach both offers and point strategy to a message. 

To attach both offer and point strategy, follow the steps.

  1. In Content (Creative + Incentive), hover on Add Incentives to see the following options.
    1. Add offers
    2. Add points

      To create a new offer, see create new offer section.

      To know more about points strategy, see the points strategy.

  2. Select Add offers to include offers to the message and preview the added Offers.
  3. Select Add points to include points related information to the message. 
    1. In Points Strategy, select the loyalty program to issue points to customers in different tiers.
  4. Preview the added Points(loyalty program) and click Continue.