The following details are required to create a staff profile for any organization.

  1. Org ID
  2. Email ID
  3. Mobile number
  4. First name
  5. Last name
  6. Username
  7. Password 
  8. Zone code
  9. Concept code 

Create staff profile

  1. Raise a JIRA ticket with the above details. 
  2. Using the ticket details, the technical team will create a staff profile with login credentials.
  3. The Tech team will share the output file of created profiles on JIRA
  4. The Customer Success team can use the file to share username and password of each staff with the Org or store managers. 
  5. Further, the Org or store manager needs to activate the staff profile through the StoreMax login page.

Activate staff profile

The following are the steps to activate a staff's account on StoreMax.

  1. Open the StoreMax URL.
  2. Click Activate Staff? link on the login screen.
  3. Select the brand name from the options using the dropdown list.
  4. Select the channel - Email or Mobile.
  5. Enter the staff's email or mobile and the username.

    During the activation process, the system sends an OTP on the selected channel.

  6. Click Send OTP.

    To send OTP, ensure that the OTP option is enabled for the org on Intouch > Organisation Settings > Organization Setup > OTP Configurations.
    The following image shows OTP delivery over an email channel.

  7. Enter the received OTP and click Activate Staff Account.

    Once the validation is completed, the profile will be activated and the staff can use the username and password to login to StoreMax.