Release Date: August 2021.

New Releases

The following are new releases made on StoreMax.

1. Staff username-based login 

2. Gamification 


The following is the enhancement made on StoreMax.

1. Reporting app 

1. Staff username-based login 

Now, the staff can only use username and password to log on to StoreMax. The till credentials are no longer supported to login. 

The technology team creates a staff profile for each Org. Using the login credentials, the staff needs to activate the profile through OTP. For detailed steps, see Create & Activate Staff Account.

The following are the steps to activate the staff account.

  1. The staff has to request an OTP to validate the email ID. 
  2. The OTP request is sent to the registered email address of the staff.
  3. The staff needs to use the OTP to activate the account.

2. Gamification 

On StoreMax, gamification has been introduced under the staff profile to encourage the staff and boost their work efficiency.

Staff badges

You can configure KPI specific target on InTouch. Every time a staff achieves a target, a badge is awarded. The badges achieved by staff will start appearing from the next day under the staff profile on StoreMax. A staff user can have more than one badge and each badge will appear for a month. So, Staff needs to keep achieving targets every month to showcase the badges achieved on their profile. 

The following badges are supported.

  1. Registration Streak
  2. Transaction Streak
  3. Sales Streak
  4. Lead Convertor


This is a rank-wise staff's name presentation based on their performance. This allows the staff to engage in a healthier competition with the peers. The leader board can be listed based on any of the following KPIs.

  1. Total store sales
  2. Total store registration 
  3. Total store transactions 
  4. Total loyalty points burned.

 You cannot track two KPIs together in the same leaderboard. 

Configure staff badge and leaderboard
The following are the steps to configure the badge and leaderboard.

  1. In Intouch, navigate to Organisation settings > Organization setup > Smart store configurations.
  2. Set the number of badges(sales, registration, bills, leads, and more) and leaderboard preference allowed for a staff of an org.


Reporting app 

The reporting app now displays store-specific data for each mini-app such as store performance, tasks, and leads. The staff can view a daily, weekly, or monthly performance of the enabled app.