Release Feature                             Date: February 25, 2021

Problem Statement

Many InTouch clients have different org units (OUs) or brands set up within the parent organization. Each of these org units has its own marketing strategy. Hence, clients who have multiple OUs expect Intouch to support OUs across Capillary products.  

Support of OU level sender IDs

As a part of this larger enhancement, Engage+ can now support different sender IDs for each OU to send messages. 

  • Only the sender IDs that are tagged to the OU will be available in the message creation flow (refer to step 8). Therefore, an OU will not be able to use the sender IDs of other OUs.
  • If no sender ID is tagged to an OU, then the default sender Id of the organization will be auto-populated in the message creation flow(delivery settings).

The following are steps to tag sender IDs to an OU. 

  1. Navigate to Organization Settings > Communications & Gateway >  Domains > OU - Sender IDs Tagging.
  2. Navigate to the OU for which you want to configure sender IDs.
  3. Click Add Sender Domain.
  4. Choose the Sender Domain in the first dropdown list.
  5. In GSM sender IDs, select GSM sender IDs to tag to the sender domain. 
  6. In CDMA sender IDs, select CDMA sender IDs to tag to the sender domain.
  7. In Default Sender IDs, select the default sender ID for each network type - GSM and CDMA. While message creation, by default, these sender IDs are selected. 
    You can tag the sender Ids that belong to another domain of the OU. For that, repeat steps 2 to 6.
  8. Click Save.

Once configured, you can check the default sender IDs for each OU, on Engage+ > New campaign > New message > Delivery settings.

You can also select any of the other sender Ids that are tagged to the OU.