Release Date: February 2, 2021.

In this release, we are rolling out limits on the creation of the following entities in phases.

  • Custom fields
  • Store entities
  • Product attributes
  • Payment mode attributes
  • Sharingan apps
  • Behavioral events and 
  • oAuth API clients

List of such entities, their default limits and release timelines can be found below.


Capping is important to ensure fair usage of the platform features, achieve high system availability, and keep a check on the cost, as the higher number of entities have higher cost implementations at our end.

The following table provides a detailed cap for each entity.

Custom fieldsLoyalty registration custom fields30

Loyalty transaction custom fields30

Store custom fields30
Product data modelProduct categories50

Product brands50

Product attributes30
Payment modesPayment mode attributes10
Sharingan appsActive Sharingan apps100
Behavioral eventsBehavioral events20

Behavioral events for Loyalty+ Destination10

Attributes in a Behavioral event20
Store data modelStores500

Tills per store20

Zones per org30

Concepts per org30
OAuth API clientAPI clients15

What if an Org needs more entities of a type?
The limit is on the count of active entities. Firstly, check if there are any redundant entities added for a type and delete it. Orgs are charged for the usage. 
If that does not suffice, raise a task ticket on JIRA with the component as 'API'. The request will go through an approval process, which will require the involvement of Capillary PoC (Project Manager or Customer Success Manager) to explain the case. We will override the limit for the org. 
The estimated turnaround time for these requests will be 5 working days.
If agreed that an Org is not paying based on the usage, the updated pricing would be decided by CSM/Sales PoCs. The business teams collaborate with the Org to suggest subsequent actions.

Will existing Orgs which are overutilizing the limits be impacted?
Data capture will not be impacted due to this even if the entity limit is exceeded. So, if 50 custom fields are already active for an org and the limit is 30, it won't have any impact on the existing integrations or data import. However, the creation of new custom fields will be forbidden and error will be thrown indicating limit breach.

When the limit is exceeded, the imported record numbers' limitation will not allow any data ingestion. However, the limit on record imports is already fixed and can be increased if required. Using this feature, it is possible to set the limit on records at the Org level.

For specific brands that require higher import limits, such as CP All, the limit can be increased so that the FTP import gets executed without interruption.

Currently, CP All is considered as an exception.