Date: February 03, 2021

New Releases

This release introduces a new user interface for Insights+. The design language for the new interface is based on Engage+ to ensure a uniform user experience in both products. 

The new interface release will be done in multiple phases. This is the first phase that includes redesigned landing pages for few features of insights+ like Reports, Segments, Data export, and Library. The changes are effective for all the Organizations across clusters. 

User Interface is redesigned for the following modules or pages.

  1. Navigation bar
    1. Product widgets
    2. Organization dropdown
    3. Insights+ feature widget
    4. Support portal
    5. Product settings
    6. Profile
  2. Reports home page
  3. User segment
  4. Data connectors
  5. Library

The navigation bar is available on the top of the page similar to Engage+.

Product widgets

All Capillary CRM products and modules can be accessed through the product widget on the left of the navigation bar.

Organization dropdown

On the right of the product widget, the org drop-down list is available to choose the organization. 

Insights+ feature widget

All Insights+ features can easily be accessed through this features widget. 

Support portal

The support icon redirects you to the Capillary Support Portal. You can find all product reference documents, support articles, and product forums on the portal.

Product settings

The settings icon helps modify FTP configuration, Target setting, and Dimension hierarchy settings.


The profile section provides options based on the user’s access control. Users having access will be able to view the organization settings and admin settings. 

Reports home page

  • Improved report filter provides multiple filter options to find the required report quickly.
  • Option to change the status of the report just with Publish or Unpublish report option without the need of opening it.
  • Ability to access active schedules directly from the home page.

User segment

There are few design changes on the segment listing page. 

Data connectors

The following features are available on the Data connectors tab.

  • Export schedules
  • Export templates
  • External facts


The following options are available on the Library tab.

  • Charts
  • Dimensions
  • KPIs