Release Features                            

New Release                                            Date: December 21, 2020

X-Engage (phase 1)

Engage+ has a new feature - X-Engage. The following is the overview of X-Engage phase 1 release. 

Problem statement 

  1. Telecom regulations are getting stricter and may become even more stringent in the future.

    Telecom Regulators are actively taking steps towards suppressing unnecessary promotional messages. This inadvertently will affect various brands’ CRM marketing activities. Regulations might be even stricter going forward.
  2. Increasing cost of SMS - SMS campaigns may record lower ROI in the future.

    With the introduction of DLT registration, the prices of SMS have gone up significantly. The increase in SMS cost but lesser growth in conversion rate results in lower ROI for Orgs.
  3. Trend Shift - Social Media user base is growing and will continue to grow in the coming future.

    Users are spending most of their leisure time on Social Media. However, CRM marketers are still stuck to SMS and not leveraging Social Media Ads.


 X-Engage provides a solution to such problems. 

  1.  X-Engage campaigns enable CRM teams to engage customers through different channels - direct channels such as SMS, Email, and Push; and Ad channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube.
    Benefit: CRM teams who were restricted to SMS only now can reach out to their customers over social media and other direct channels along with SMS. 
  2. Reach out to customers on their preferred channels (channel the customers are most likely to respond to).
    1. X-Engage’s AI engine selects the right channel to engage with each user. Since users are reached over the most suitable channels instead of SMS, The hit rate could be better than SMS campaigns.
    2. It also helps optimize communication costs and lead to a better customer experience by avoiding spam communication through all the channels. 

X-Engage AI model splits the audience lists based on the channels which the audience are targeted. The audience lists for direct channels (SMS, Email, Push, and more) are automatically targeted by Engage+. Ad campaigns are created manually for the audience lists, meant for ad channels.

One user may be a part of multiple audience lists if the X-Engage AI model suggests the same.

To create an X-Engage message, see Create X-Engage.


The performance report of X-Engage message level and variant level is available on Insights+. 

The performance report at the channel level is not available for X-Engage.

Credit Utilization

The amount of credit consumed for each customer needs to be defined in the Credit Management > Edit Rate Card section.

The finance team sets the credit management.

Following are the explanation to the above screenshot, 

  1. For this org, the credit consumption per user for X-Engage is set to 0.9.
  2. X-Engage campaign is run from this org, with an audience size of 200000.
  3. Then the credits consumed is 200000 * 0.9 = 18000.

X-Engage GTM

Currently, X-Engage is enabled for selected customers. For each of these customers, 10 - 15 X-Engage campaigns are to be run at a lower cost to achieve better hit rates than SMS campaigns.

Enhancements                                            Date: December 22, 2020

There are some new enhancements available on Engage+

Pre-check error messages

Campaign pre-check error messages is a recently enhanced feature in Engage+.

Problem statements

When a message is executed, it passes through a pre-check process to check the message execution's prerequisites. 

Few examples of prerequisites:

  1. Credits are available or not. 
  2. Audience size meets the lower or upper limit.
  3. The message is approved or not.
  4. Whether all the required systems are online to execute the message or not.

Currently, Engage+ displays an error message if errors appear during the pre-check process for a message. The following image shows an example of an error message.

These error messages are very generic and do not mention any specific information to org users or CS team members. 

Due to these generic error messages, it is not easy to decide whether 

  1. Org users or CS team members can take corrective actions or 
  2. Due to errors, the message execution is delayed or
  3. Cause execution failure, and more.

The following are some more issues encountered by CS team members and technical support team due to these error messages:

  1. Many unnecessary support tickets get created, which causes wastage of time and effort for the CS team members and technical support team.
  2. Org users get detained due to lesser clarity on the next steps, which results in a bad user experience.


To avoid the circumstance mentioned above, a refreshed set of contextual error messages have been implemented. Now Engage+ shows a contextual error message based on the error types. 

Error type 1 – urgent action required

To see the list of actions that are required, click View details

The following are some error details for urgent action required.

  1. Not enough credits available.
  2. Issues with the gateway configuration.
  3. The audience count exceeded the maximum limit.

Error type 2 – delivery might be delayed

To see the list of required actions that are required, click View details.

The following are some error details for the message execution delay.

  1. Audience group reloads in progress.

There are multiple pre-check error scenarios, and for each scenario, an error message is configured. For your reference, a list of all the error scenarios and corresponding error messages are attached below

There is a constant improvement on error messages to enhance more clarity to Engage+ users. Therefore, the error scenarios and corresponding messages can change in the future.

Engage+ also has a post-check process. A post check process finds error during message execution and shows error details after message execution. For example, in a message sending procedure, if the tag is not resolved for a few audiences out of all audiences. In such a case, the error details (for those few audiences) are shown post-message execution.
Engage+ already had the post-check error messages support. However, in this release, the messages are enhanced a bit. For your reference, the updated list of all the post-check error scenarios and corresponding error messages are attached below.

Line enhancement - support for video messages

Line Messages can now support video messages as part of their campaigns. You can create a video Message from scratch when creating a campaign message or select from the Template Library. For details, see the rich video message.

To Configuration of the Line video message, see create a new video message.